Australia - SA Water invests in AVK Butterfly Valves for the infrastructure storage site upgrade at Hope Valley


SA water manages water services in South Australia and are owned and operated by the South Australian government. they provide world class water services to >1,6m South Australian customers in particular safe, clean drinking water, and once this water has been used, SA water remove the waste and treat it to ensure the best outcomes for the health and well-being of all South Australians, and to reduce environmental impact.

SA Water are upgrading the infrastructure at the Hope Valley Storage Site which will involve two development stages: Network Modification and Tank Works.

The storage site is commonly referred to as ‘Terminal Storage’. The storage has a capacity of 136 million litres and supplies water to over 100,000 customers across Adelaide. AVK Valves have been working closely with SA Water on the supply of 2x Series 756 Butterfly Valves, PN25, DN1000 and DN1200.

The photos below depict the installation of the valves at Hope Valley including the product inspection by SA Water Engineers at AVK Valves high-tech plant in Wingfield.

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