From Denmark to US - the maritime and polytechnic college in Frederikshavn visits American AVK

The world has become a very global place and today it is common for students to travel far for their study trips. 21-11-2018

Nine students from the maritime and polytechnic college in Frederikshavn were no exception, and from the 21st to the 25th of October they made the long trip to the US. The purpose of a study trip is to acquire knowledge and AVK facilitated this by inviting them inside at AVK’s plant in Nevada. Here the students were given a guided tour by Michael Chambon, Director of Business Development, whom introduced them to AVK’s world of products as well as AVK’s factory and the necessary standards of production to ensure high-quality products.


The students were pleased with the opportunity to visit the factory and saw how AVK valves for, for example, wastewater treatment plants and pump stations were assembled and tested. Furthermore, they were told about the handling of orders and storage of products. During their factory tour, AVK was testing a Ø1200mm knife gate valve of 950 kg (almost 4 feet and over 2000 pounds) which was lifted up on a test bench and tilted at a 30 degree angle making the experience all the more educating and interesting.

AVK is happy to receive students at their locations around the world so do not hesitate to contact your local AVK facility with your enquiry.

Interested in water?

Advanced Water Cycle Management Course 11-23 August 2019

AVK is passionate about promoting our Danish Water Solutions and should you be interested have a look at our Summer School for Water established in cooperation with the University of Aarhus focusing on water and wastewater treatment.

The Summer School will take place from 11-23 August 2019 and it will run as an intensive 14 days residential course and focus on sustainable water supply and wastewater management.

The course is nominated as a 5 ECTS point-giving course. It will cover aspects relating to the “water circle” such as recovery, treatment, collection of wastewater and treatment of this, resource recovery and discharge back into nature.

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