AVK Norway officially opened their "Competence Center"


At the end of August, AVK Norway officially opened their "Competence Center" at the main office in Sandefjord. This is a training arena that will offer practical training and demonstrations.

The main purpose of this center is to communicate knowledge, present new solutions and prompt knowledgeable discussions. The target group is not only AVK employees but also customers, end-users and consultants. AVK Norway want the participants to become familiar with the technical equipment and to learn the proper use of AVK products.

"We have already given a few classes and received positive feedback. Our goal is to make participants familiar with our products. In addition, the facility enables the implementation of typical operations such as drilling under pressure for tapping, as well as the operation of pressurized systems. All in all it will, in fact, be a mini water and sanitation school, focusing on the solutions we deliver," says Martin Rud, Sales Manager - Water.

In addition to contractors and installers from both the private and public sectors, the classes are also aimed towards consultants.

"The products develop rapidly and people participating in project planning will have great benefits of knowing about the advantages and possibilities of new solutions. The assembly process and security tasks are natural parts of the totality" points out Product Manager – Water, Kjetil Myhra. He also sees the "Competence Center" as a meeting area for professional and meaningful discussions. 

Alongside the rapid development of products and solutions, a new generation is growing up. A generation that has to learn about our industry, and that has a lot of questions, good questions, which we want to be able to give qualified answers to. The industry needs good consultants who know the products and see the solutions.

10 bars pressure
As AVK Norway present new solutions and technologies, they simultaneously facilitate personal training and practical hands-on experience. It requires knowledge and great awareness to operate valves and pressurized systems. Major forces are caused by moving water. Manhole safety is a very central topic at the courses held by AVK Norway.

The "Conference Center" is equipped with a valve system where AVK Norway is able to demonstrate gate-/, air-/ and regulation valves up to 10 bars pressure. Under pressure drilling can also be carried out at the same pressure, 10 bars. In the future, a water meter will be installed that can communicate with computers and/or smartphones.

A result of voluntary work
Some of the work needed to get the "Competence Center" ready was done by employees outside regular working hours. "AVK Norway wants to take this opportunity to thank all our great colleagues that have contributed their time to getting this area ready. The result is something that AVK Norway is really proud to present," say Martin and Kjetil.