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AVK has a long history of expansion through organic growth as well as acquisitions. Our expansion has led to a comprehensive product range and an efficient global sales network which supports our dedication to growth and improvements. The markets covered by AVK's present product range are extremely wide-ranging in terms of technologies and know-how needed, but certainly also in the way the markets are approached. In order to ensure a focused support to our customers our organisation is divided into three business units;

Case stories

AVK valves in new biogas plant in Denmark

The new plant will primarily be producing biogas from local cattle and pig manure, industrial waste products and food leftovers. The plant is expected to treat 300,000 tonnes of biomass every year and it will be able to supply the natural gas network with approximately nine million cubic meters of bio methane. That corresponds to the consumption of gas in 6,500 residences or the annual consumption of 4,300 cars or 250 buses. The plant creates new jobs in the local area and when the plant is running completely, 10 employees will be hired.

Biogas manufacturing
Biogas is manufactured of organic waste which is biodecomposed in sealed off containers by means of bacteria. The bacteria that break down the biomass emit the gas which is used for energy purposes. In this form, the gas can be used directly for fuel to e.g. gas generators that produce electricity. Additionally, the gas can also be cleansed of i.a. CO2 and hydrogen sulphide so it becomes methane. As methane the gas can be used in the natural gas network.

The process
The production of biogas is initiated when fresh manure is mixed with industrial waste and food leftovers in the recipient container. Then the biomass is pumped into the reactors where it is heated to approximately 52 degrees. The biomass is kept in the reactors while the manure ferment and the gas is formed. The gas is discharged from the reactor containers and the degassed manure is pumped to storage containers where farmers can pick it up.


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Historic city gets state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plants

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Scottish Water: Glenhove and Gowanbank pumping stations, UK

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AVK fire hydrants in Riyadh Metro

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A Water Corporation project improving drinking water quality and supply efficiency

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Smart water solutions

Learn about how adding intelligence to the water supply system allows the entire system to communicate and respond according to real-time data.

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