AVK Plastic Surface Boxes in Riga


When I was a kid, I used to compete with my brother and sister by counting the cars passing by. All three of us chose a different colour, and of course it was challenging because the amount of cars
was not as substantial as it is today.

Last week I contacted my niece and asked her to shoot some nice pictures of the AVK surface boxes installed in the roads of Riga city.
I sent her some pictures from my archive so that she had an idea of what to look for. She called me two days later and said that she played a game with her boyfriend, called: “who finds the first blue lid?” The bet was a cup of coffee for the winner.

Three years ago, was the first time I presented AVK plastic surface boxes to Riga Water Company (Sia Rīgas Ūdens). They showed great interest, but there were lots of questions. Step by step, we came closer to finding a product that suited their wishes and satisfied their technical requirements. Together with AVK Plastics we donated a few samples so the end user could install and test them in real life. The samples were AVK telescopic H-4056V surface boxes with cast iron lids. However, we did change the lids with plastic ones, securing them with stainless steel bolt and a locking clip. The samples were installed in a heavy traffic area and passed the test with flying colours!

A year after Riga Water Company ordered the first AVK surface boxes, the share of the yearly ordered surface boxes was about 30% plastic from AVK and 70% cast iron from our competitors. This year they are planning to purchase 98% plastic surface boxes from AVK and the remaining 2% cast iron from our competitors. On the pictures you can see that it looks all right to have the blue plastic lids installed in both tarmac traffic zones and in paved pedestrian areas. In general, you could say that plastic lids gain popularity because they are lightweight, corrosion free and recognizable. But besides that, they are also more aesthetic than surface boxes with cast iron lids and they are unattractive to thieves. In the end I would like to remind you that if you ever visit Riga, there’s a chance for a game and a free coffee for the winner!

By Jurgis Trams, Product and Promotion Manager, The Baltic States AVK International A/S