Advanced Water Cycle Management Course 11-23 August 2019

In cooperation with the University of Aarhus, AVK has taken the initiative to establish a Summer School for Water focusing on water and wastewater treatment. 12-11-2018

The Summer School will take place from 11-23 August 2019. It will run as an intensive 14 days residential course and focus on sustainable water supply and wastewater management. The course is nominated as a 5 ECTS point-giving course. It will cover aspects relating to the “water circle” such as recovery, treatment, collection of wastewater and treatment of this, resource recovery and discharge back into nature.

After an introduction and a review of basic principles in relation to water circulation in society, the course will be branched into three areas:

  1. Ground water resource management
  2. Management of water distribution
  3. Wastewater handling - including resource recovery

The course will be taught by competent faculty from leading Danish universities as well as specialists from participating companies, who will contribute to the course in their particular area of expertise.

Field visits to partner companies are part of the course - both products and applications are closely examined during these visits.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 (Clean Water & Sanitation) is a fundamental part of all seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. Without water there is no life nor development. The Summer School will aim to make water supply and wastewater management interesting and put these topics at the forefront of people´s mind. Furthermore, it will give a broad understanding of water circulation in society as well as an understanding of the aspects related to water and wastewater treatment.

Registration is open to both Danish and international students as well as students from different study areas, that have a connection to water and a perspective on how their particular area of study fits into the overall context. Examples of relevant study areas would be: geoscience, environmental science, agro-ecology, engineering and bioscience.

During the first week, students will obtain knowledge about the “water circle” and the second week students will develop a water supply or wastewater project and present it to a jury. Projects will be evaluated in terms of their substance and relevance, presentation as well as group cooperation. A “Best Performance” will be awarded in each of these categories. Subsequently, students will be tested on subject matters in a multiple choice test. Project tasks are taken from real life challenges in markets, where partner companies are active, and the tests will be formulated jointly with partner companies.

The course will be run as a residential course. Participants will be accommodated at “Låsby Kro” which is well located geographically in relation to the companies supporting the Summer School for Water.

AVK will be able to sign-up employees, who in their daily work can benefit from increased knowledge about their own product´s placement and importance in a larger context. In particularly employees, who would like to work with “SMART Water Management” can substantially benefit from this new initiative.

Sign-up fee:

Company representatives from EU/EEA countries:

 € 2.146,-
Companies representatives from outside EU/EEA countries:  € 2.276,-

Registration from 15. January to 1. April:

For more information, follow this link to the official webpage of the Summer school:

Any further questions can be send to Michael Ramlau,

Engineering the future water supply

Meet a newly qualified Project Engineer from AVK

The first of February 2016 Karsten signed a contract with AVK Holding A/S to work on a regular basis, after six month internship at AVK Tech. The internship was a part of his ongoing education – B.Sc. in mechanical engineering – which he finished in January 2017.


Read the PDF folder about the Advanced Water Cycle Management Course here


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