South African deputy minister visits AVK to learn about water technology

South African Deputy Minister visits Denmark to learn about water technology


Denmark is providing leading edge technology and solutions within sustainable water supply and wastewater management. With one of the lowest non-revenue water rates in the world supported by net energy producing wastewater treatment plants, the Danish model is something very special. So special, that it’s actually worth travelling for.

Leading edge water technology tour

Our colleagues from water industries around the world join us to experience our water supply and wastewater management and to evaluate how technologies may be transferred to benefit and improve the water supply sector in their parts of the world. That was also what the South African Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitation did when she and a delegation of high ranking officials representing the government, the Danish Embassy in Pretoria and Rand Water, one of the world’s largest water utilities, chose to spend some days to invest in the future and build relationships with the Danish water industry.

They went to see two Danish water utilities, HOFOR and Aarhus Vand, showcasing some of the most spectacular solutions within sustainable water supply and wastewater management. They also visited the Ministry of Environment and Food and they were invited for a business-to-government workshop hosted by AVK.

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Partnerships to improve the water supply

The delegation attended the workshop together with some of the leading companies in the Danish water industry to discuss opportunities for collaborations on projects to improve the water supply in South Africa. Our CEO Niels Aage Kjær and the Deputy Minister Ms. Pamela Tshwete opened the workshop and the participants then got the opportunity to discuss potential future partnerships. The South African representatives outlined some of their challenges and future projects while the eight participating companies got the chance to shortly introduce themselves and their services.

The Deputy Ministers vision is to provide coordinated provision of water and sanitation services to underprivileged communities, and the focuses of her interests are in support of access to water, dignified sanitation and the intersection between social development and public health care. At the workshop she expressed her joy and interest in sharing information and building stronger relationships – in order to change living conditions of the South African people.

We attended the workshop together with Grundfos, NIRAS, Kamstrup, Danfoss, DHI, ecoBETA, BWT and the South African delegation.

HOFOR is the water utility of greater Copenhagen and supplies Copenhagen and a large number of the surrounding cities with water, wastewater discharge, district heating, city gas and district cooling.

The aim is to create sustainable cities based on environmentally sound solutions.

Aarhus Vand
Aarhus Vand is the second largest water utility company in Denmark, working with the entire lifecycle of water – from tap water until the purified wastewater from households and industries is returned to nature.

Water and wastewater facilities are usually high energy consumers but Marselisborg Wastewater Treatment Plant has optimised all processes and has reduced the energy consumption significantly. In 2015 they had a net energy production of 153%. Also Egaa Wastewater Treatment Plant is energy self-sufficient and even produces 50% more energy than what is consumed.


AVK Centre of Excellence

We have been present in South Africa for more than 25 years and in 2015 we established our own production facilities meaning that we’re now able to provide a full range of products, technical support and solutions to the South African Water Industry. Our South African activities have created more than 200 new jobs and recently we invested in the AVK Academy – a customer training, development and valve solution center for the region with facilities for classroom training, technical seminars and practical learning. Our aim is to become a recognised training provider assisting the South African water industry in developing local experience, knowledge and skills.

Our vision for South Africa is thus not only to serve the market but to create a competitive manufacturing, engineering and technical Centre of Excellence for the entire Sub Sahara water market.

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