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Wouter Witzel EuroValve supply to mega-ship


Wouter Witzel EuroValve supply to mega-ship

Wouter Witzel will supply special butterfly valves for what will become the largest ship in the world, the Pieter Schelte. The mega-ship is currently under construction in South Korea. It is designed to move complete oil rigs and will provide accommodation for 571 employees. It will be 382 meters long and 117 meters wide, making it seem like a giant catamaran where each pontoon has the size of a supertanker. It will be ready for operations in 2014.

WWE delivers the largest butterfly valves for the ship, six pieces EVUS DN2200 butterfly valves with two actuator flanges. Each valve will be operated by two hydraulic actuators which can open or close the valve in four seconds.

The quick opening of the butterfly valves is required for fast de-ballasting which is used to lift an entire oil exploration platform off its legs. In the final stage of the operation, a 2-m rapid lift-off eliminates the risk of impact between platform and legs.

The large butterfly valves are equipped with a one-piece axis, which alone weighs 450 kilograms. The total weight of one butterfly valve is 4500 kg.