Verdo X AVK: How to improve network management with pressure sensors

Water utilities have at least one common goal. They want to improve their network management and become efficient in their way of managing the water network. Working more efficiently means releasing resources for other important tasks in the general management of the water distribution, production, and the hydraulic system.

Verdo – a utility located in Randers, Denmark – started a project with AVK Smart Water pressure sensors because the utility had an interest in getting more pressure data, especially from different points in the distribution network.

Do you know the exact pressure in your entire network?

Up until recently, Verdo only get data from pumping stations and the water works, but they have limited knowledge about the pressure level in the rest of the network. And like many other utilities, Verdo experiences consumers reporting low pressure in their home. The utility then must drive to the customer, close of the water supply, then attach a hose, and then open the water supply again to test if the pressure is sufficient. This is a time-consuming task happening a couple of times a month.

“I would say that we use about two whole working weeks a year on checking the pressure level at the customers. Often it turns out the problem is not on our site so to speak. But instead, something with the appliances or the household installations,” says Thomas Grønning Head of Distribution. He adds:
“By monitoring pressure at every zone or residential area, we can check directly in our system whether the pressure level has changed or not. That way, we can advise our customers more accurately. Moreover, we can save precious time and energy with this data right at hand.”

A solution for future improvements

In the search for a pressure monitoring solution, Verdo chose to go with AVK Smart Water pressure sensors. And what started as a part of a dissertation project became a more detailed way for the utility to monitor pressure in specific zones. 

Verdo has installed 20 pressure sensors in certain zones of the water distribution network to be able to monitor the pressure level in the zones. With the AVK sensors and API solution, data is available to Verdo, and the utility has integrated data into their own GIS system.

Monitoring pressure with transmitters at different points in the network can give a more precise indication of the actual pressure at consumers, and thereby Verdo can avoid physically investigating the pressure in case it is not necessary. This can release time equalling two working weeks a year – time that can be used on other valuable tasks.



AVK Smart Water digital monitoring


Utility gets full overview of pressure in its network with NB-IoT sensors

“It was important to us that the solution we found could live up to our specific requirements,” says Mikkel Nielsen, COO at Halsnæs Forsyning. AVK delivered 16 NB-IoT pressure sensors with API integration into the utility's current IT system. 

AVK Smart Water

AVK offers NB-IoT sensors

With NB-IoT, AVK offers the best possible connectivity and a reliable flow of data to customers.