Health and Safety in AVK products

Specialised products for safe use across demanding applications

AVK is dedicated to offering its customers the highest safety possible. Our products are part of complex systems handling vital processes every day, such as distribution of tap water and products for food industries, healthcare etc. To make sure that our products are up to the challenge we have a strict, consistent approach to product development, testing and approval. Within careful control, AVK products fulfil or exceed all international standards and approvals, and all new products undergo a number of tests and quality control procedures, including computer simulation, prototype tests, accelerated lifetime tests, destructive tests and practical field tests.

Product coating

A strong, protective layer of coating is first of all important in order to maintain the high quality and functionality of the product. Furthermore, an AVK product should have no impact on the resources in direct contact with it, i.e. clean drinking water. Learn more about our product coating here, and how we manage to produce long-lasting quality products for quality processes.

Own rubber production

AVK GUMMI A/S develops and produces all the rubber components used in our gate valves. The high-quality rubber is resistant to all types of chemicals used in water supply systems. All rubber components used in AVK products are tested under national and international standards. The production processes undergo regular testing, and all primary rubber components are marked and identifiable, enabling their full traceability. Learn more about AVK quality rubber here.

AVK is certified according to the international Occupational Health and Safety Standard (OHSAS 18001).