Smart water solutions

Intelligent adaptations to shifting demands within the water supply network

In a world with increasing urbanisation and fast-growing populations. The infrastructure and surrounding environments are being challenged. Innovation is key to being able to retain and further improve the quality of life for citizens around the world.

With the use of digital and telecommunication technologies, the smart city concept aims for a better use of our available resources and for less emissions polluting our environment.

It comprises smart approaches to urban transport networks, water supply, waste disposal facilities, and to more efficient ways of lighting and heating buildings - and much more.

Data input is very important when you are controlling a network. An AVK pressure reducing control valve (PRV) with an added controller has the ability to receive data from a number of inputs and can operate itself accordingly based on inputs of flow, pressure, network losses, temperature, open/close position, and maintenance requirement period.

The controllers are used to regulate pressure within the water network through the PRV. The controller can be programmed for whenever you wish to control the pressure, and will control your network based on live system dynamics. This means, there is no need for vast amounts of time spent on profiling the specific pressure management areas – also known as district metering areas (DMAs) - the network simply adapts to the real-time demand. 

Learn more about the use of a connecting SCADA system here


First section well installed in large pressure management project

Delivering power to wells in an underground water supply network is no easy task, which also turned out to be the reality for Strømmen Vandværk in Randers, Denmark
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