Advanced Water Cycle Management

Want to seriously upgrade your water management skills?

Sign up for our water summer school of 2020, and get wiser on how to turn one of the most valuable resources on earth into a SMART, resilient and sustainable business for the benefit of nature and people’s well-being. 

What, when, and where?
Converting to 5 ECTS, the overall course content is a mix of guiding theory and semi-practical tasks. It is designed to upgrade your water management skills and to provide you with substantial knowledge of water resource management, water distribution and wastewater handling including resource recovery.

The course will run from 16 - 28 August, 2020.

Note: Due to COVID-19 concerns, this year's course has been cancelled.

The venue is Låsby Kro and its beautiful, cosy settings, offering great opportunities to socialise and network with fellow participants. About 30 km from Aarhus City.

The ideas behind: No more "business as usual"
Water is a scarce resource in many places, also including countries with higher incomes. According to WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development), over 60% of European cities with more than 100,000 people do not have sustainable ground water management. This will lead to a substantial water crisis somewhere in the future. Cities like Jakarta and Mexico City are already sinking every year because of over-exploitation of ground water resources, and more cities will follow.

By combining UN SDG #6: “Clean water and sanitation for all” and #4: “Quality Education”, we aim at a more sustainable water infrastructure, both in terms of the water circle through society, but also in terms of the energy circle, and how to efficiently use our available resources. The cleaned water should be put back into the ground by establishing constructed wetlands, and energy should come from the wastewater treatment plant. The International Energy Agency has calculated that 30–50% of a municipality’s energy bill comes from water- and wastewater handling. With today's technology, it is possible to turn the treatment plant into a net energy provider, also supplying the water distribution - and as a side effect, the municipality can save up to 40% on the energy bill.
This holistic way of thinking is what the water summer school is all about.

The course has been created together with Aarhus University Centre for Water Technology (WATEC), Grundfos, Kamstrup, DHI, Skanderborg Forsyningsvirksomhed A/S, NIRAS, Aarhus University School of Engineering, AquaGlobe, I-GIS and Aarhus Vand. All of these will take part in the intensive, two-week tuition, contributing with their particular area of expertise.

A complete course package
There is one combined fee including course, food and accommodation all depending on the participant level and origin. Learn more about fees and registration at AU's website below.

Where do I sign up?

Follow the link to the Aarhus University / WATEC page, and find application forms, requirements lists and all the practical information you'll need. See you in Låsby!


Learn more about water management

Visit our AVK Knowledge Area, where we give insights to the current water challenges worldwide and to the many technologies and solutions available



Introduction: Water Summer School

Want to hear about last year's course?

Get the full picture from a former participant's perspective.


AVK welcomed students and representatives to help solve global water challenges

In August, 46 enrolees arrived in Låsby, ready to join the first-ever Water Summer School offering valuable insights to how global water resources can be efficiently managed. The enrolees were a mix of representatives from ministries, companies and public institutions and of students on bachelor, master and PhD levels. They arrived to Låsby from Spain, Finland, Lithuania, Indonesia, the US, Slovakia, Malaysia, South Africa, Portugal, India, Italy, Norway and Germany.

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