AVK acquires the Italian company, ACMO

We are pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition by AVK of 60% of the shareholding in AC.MO s.r.l. 29-01-2019

The two present owners of ACMO, Paolo Sebastiani and Sofia Lavagnolo, will remain as management and shareholders in the company.

ACMO has its main location in Roncade, Italy just outside of Venice and further locations in Milan, Empoli (Tuscany) and Rome. The company was founded in 1968, has 48 employees and expect a turnover this year of approx. €15 million.

ACMO has a strong position in the irrigation market in Italy with a Smart hydrant, HydroPass, integrating control of the water flow, metering, prepayment system and communication for remote control. ACMO has developed other Smart solutions including e.g. on site local communication units, SCADA and Cloud based solutions via the subsidiary company, AC.MO Tecnologie Integrate S.r.l. (ATI). ACMO will serve as the competence center for the AVK Group in Smart water solutions, thus adding digital solutions and intelligence to a long row of AVK products that are vital for a sustainable water distribution network.

On top of this, the product range of ACMO include a full range of needle valves, control valves, check valves and air valves, which especially for the needle valve will extend the product offering of the AVK Group along with further competencies in pressure management.

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With this new acquisition ACMO will strengthen the entire AVK Group of Companies counting +100 companies and more that 3.800 dedicated employees. ACMO will be part of the Continental Europe region under the chairmanship of Morten S. Nielsen.