AVK joins green-tech discussion hosted by the Danish government

The US are back as signatory to the Paris Agreement, bringing green transition back on the agenda at the Central Administration in Washington DC. For green-tech companies, this creates export opportunities. 10-02-2021

Based on this, the Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, invited top business leaders from the leading green-tech companies in Denmark, including Niels Aage Kjær, CEO of the AVK Group, to a virtual round table discussion.

The purpose of this virtual meeting was to share perspectives on the opportunities and challenges for Danish export of sustainable solutions to the US.

AVK has been active in the US for more than 36 years, and with a turnover of around DKK 500 million in the US, AVK offers a complete product portfolio for the water infrastructure including intelligent solutions for monitoring the distribution network (SMART) as well as intelligent pressure control solutions, which can minimise leakages and non-revenue water (NRW), save energy and extend the lifetime of the network.

The introduction of Danish water technology is assessed to be able to minimise the American NRW rate by around 10%, which will also affect the amount of energy used positively. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has calculated that an US state can save up to 40% on the electricity bill by making the water infrastructure energy neutral. This can be achieved by ensuring a low leakage rate and by utilisation of wastewater to produce energy. This is exactly what Danish companies have achieved in Chicago and in addition, we have also contributed with optimising the water supply in collaboration with the state of California.

During the virtual round table discussion, AVK proposed three concrete suggestions for the Danish government to strengthen the efforts within water technology in the US:

  • To establish sector collaboration on federal state level and continue the current collaboration with the state of California.
  • To support and finance fact-finding delegation tours from the US to Denmark to showcase the Danish solutions, which can create the foundation for the establishment of light house projects.
  • For the government to help influence and nudge the American Administration to terminate a specific protectionist clause regarding federally funded projects, AIS Trade Restrictions, which requires parts of a project to be 100% ‘Buy American’, and which prevents Danish green-tech companies from participating in these federally funded projects.

AVK is looking forward to continuing the good dialogue with the Danish government and public stakeholders in the US.


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