AVK successful debut in IE Expo Chengdu for western China market

IE Expo Chengdu 2019 connected great business opportunities in the western China market 09-07-2019

Already the very first IE expo Chengdu on June 27-29 is a story of enormous success with 19,620 trade visitors and 321 exhibitors. From its base in Chengdu, it reaches out to Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shaanxi and Gansu in western China, leading the domestic and even the region’s environmental pollution control industry to connect with the western region of China. There is vast environmental protection market in the inland region of China for international companies to deliver global solutions to western China.

AVK China demonstrated an attractive booth on a total surface of 54 square meters. More than 20 valve were displayed on the stand. With our tailored platform of AVK water solutions such as pressure management, advanced rubber technology, visitors had deep impression on AVK’s insight. At the moment, we received a number of visitors from water group, design institution, EPC, etc.

Some visitors from water group expressed they had already established their own DSS (Decision Support System). They hope to make more key equipment with remote monitoring and control function for regular water management. Therefore, they are very interested in AVK’s smart solution of control valves and air valves, that will be a good application for them to realize the water distribution optimization.

Environmental protection demand in western China with marketing imagination that is in a sustained rally. AVK China will keep exploring and developing new opportunities in this huge market.
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