New fittings depot opened in Western Australia

Fusion Plast Australia, the leading provider of specialist pipe fittings, continues its growth strategy by introducing a new depot in Bayswater, Perth. 28-08-2019

The newly opened depot is a recognition of the electrofusion fittings brand and of the global product offer, and is meeting the demands of a growing number of customers in Australasia and South-East Asia.

Part of the AVK Group, the Fusion Group, which is headquartered in UK, established a permanent office in Australia in 2005. Fusion fittings, however, have been sold in Australia since the parent company was established in 1971. Principal office is located in Banyo, Brisbane and is now joined by a second office in Western Australia.

The new 1,300 mdepot offers Fusion's customers to benefit from improved ex-stock availability, quicker response on enquiries and more localised support. According to Director, Shaun Robb, Western Australia is a really interesting market for Fusion, and as he explains: 

"In addition to gas and water networks, many of the Fusion fittings sold in Western Australia are used in the mining sector. Polyethylene is the ideal product for pipelines operating within a mining environment. Firstly, using electrofusion and butt fusion, polyethylene pipe networks can be continuously welded. This is critical in mines where pipelines can be very long and where remote locations make maintenance difficult to implement. Secondly, polyethylene pipe and fittings are very robust and accommodate both the aggressive external environment and the abrasive nature of waste materials entrained in the mine water being pumped. It is recognition of our commitment to the Australian market that we have invested in the new depot in Perth".

Fusion's market-leading product offer now covers both electrofusion and spigot fittings, PE ball and butterfly valves, butt fusion and electrofusion jointing equipment plus associated ancillary tooling - basically, everything that is needed for a PE pipe network.

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