Green practices in focus at Dubai exhibition

At the forefront of sustainability: This year’s Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) and Dubai Solar was held on October 21-23, and AVK was on spot to present, discuss and to get inspired. 29-10-2019

The WETEX exhibition is part of an annual “Green Week” in Dubai, organised to raise awareness and to promote green practices, a culture of environmental sustainability across segments and to create a better tomorrow for generations to come. Part of the exhibition was the 4th edition of the Dubai Solar, a fair with focus on the development and future possibilities within solar power.

The aim of this year’s exhibition was to achieve integration between all sectors of the energy industry. By bringing together trade and the technical sectors, the exhibition facilitated the creation of new trade opportunities, the exchange of new ideas and experiences, and a great environment to showcase the latest inventions within the water, energy, technology, environmental, innovation and solar businesses. Seminars and panel discussions were held on both sustainability, disruptive technology, smart grids and the future of energy around the world.

In line with this year’s theme – “At the forefront of sustainability” - and with focus on today’s water challenges worldwide, the AVK Group showcased advanced products and solutions for primarily water supply and wastewater management. From the joint CL2 stand, the AVK Group products for display included:

  • Wastewater treatment products from Orbinox, Spain,
  • SMART remote control and automation functionalities of control valves from ACMO S.r.l., Italy,
  • The “Going Green” concept of recycled material in products from AVK Plastics in the Netherlands, and
  • Gate valves and couplings for water supply, hydrants, check valves and gate valves for fire protection, and gate valves and fittings for gas supply by AVK Watecom, UAE.

Visit their websites through the links above, and learn more about their products and their way of contributing to greener practices.

The three-day fair was filled with numerous product displays, demonstrations and prospective technical discussions promising bigger and better opportunities for the AVK Group in the region.

At last year’s WETEC/Dubai Solar, more than 35,000 people from 53 countries attended the exhibition, where 2.100+ exhibitors presented their latest input for these highly important topics. Thank you for yet a well-organised fair, and see you again next year!


Water challenges and global goals

Today, our global resources are under pressure due to increasing water scarcity and population growth.

According to the World Economic Forum, the predominant threat to human welfare and well-being was - and still is - the over-exploitation of water resources.

Will you also be leading the world in a more sustainable direction?

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