AVK Water Division

The AVK Water Division comprises our original core business; valves for water supply, wastewater, gas supply, fire protection, HVAC and irrigation. We deliver to markets and customers all over the world, but that does not mean our solutions are universal. On the contrary, we always deliver unique solutions specifically tailored to meet local conditions and requirements according to local standards and approvals. This includes main standards of DIN, BS, AWWA, AS and JIS.

Certified processes and modern production facilities work as an assurance to our reliability - a vital element, as successful supply and distribution networks are created over longer periods of time for the results to meet high-end quality demands. We offer our assistance in all aspects of the process, from preliminary ideas to subsequent service. Experience tells us, that long-term, well-organized solutions are those that create optimum processes and growth.

We benefit from modern production facilities and large distribution centres enabling us to deliver the requested products within a short period of time; a maximum of two weeks for most standard items. Visit your local AVK website for your country's AVK product offering.

Our Group Water companies include regional AVK sales and production companies and our AVK sister companies trading market-relevant products. Explore our AVK Water segments below.

AVK products are made in factories using advanced technology for coating, assembling, testing, and computerised machining and robots for precision and uniformity. Many years of experience have resulted in top quality products that comply with the most common national and international standards and approvals.