Sustainability in production

Efficient reuse of (AVK) plastics

Each year, 6000 tons of waste materials are consumed by AVK Plastics, from which they make new and high quality products, extending the lifetime of “old” plastics with another 50 years

Worldwide, the environmental impact of human activities is increasingly in focus. AVK Plastics BV consider active communication of environmental performances as an integral part of their business.

By Foppe Boonstra, Quality Manager, AVK Plastics BV

ISO 14001
Registration and communication of the environmental impact of AVK Plastics BV as an organisation is a wish expressed by many stakeholders. This increased focus was triggered again by the recent introduction of ISO 14001. The introduction of the ISO 14001 environmental management system has been one of the main environmental activities of AVK Plastics BV in the past year, which led to a good overview of the relevant environmental aspects. By setting clear priorities, AVK Plastics BV was able to control and improve environmental performances of the organisation in a thorough manner. 

Carbon Footprint
To get a good idea of the environmental impact of surface boxes, produced by AVK Plastics BV, it was decided to calculate the carbon footprint of thirteen different models of surface boxes. To determine the carbon footprint, the amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, necessary for producing the surface box, was calculated. For example, the CO2 released with the production of raw materials, transporting raw materials, components or products, and manufacturing of the final product. Besides the usual assessment criteria, such as price and quality, the carbon footprint is increasingly used or required as a decision parameter by customers who want to compare products. AVK Plastics BV will also use the results of these carbon footprints as starting point for improving the environmental performance of their products.

If used properly, plastic is actually environmentally friendly. The synthetics used for AVK Plastics’ products are thermoplastics, a type of polymer which can be used repeatedly by melting and remoulding. The environmental aspects of any plastic material do not only imply waste issues, but have to be considered in relation with the use of natural resources, the preservation of foodstuffs etc. AVK Plastics BV considers polyethylene (and polyamide) to be an environmentally efficient material. Its manufacturing process requires low specific energy consumption and insignificant emissions to air and water designate polyethylene, and polyamide as the ecological alternative, in comparison with many other materials. Recycling of plastics is supported by AVK Plastics BV, whenever ecological and social benefits are achieved and where a social infrastructure for selective collecting and sorting of plastics is fostered. Whenever ‘thermal’ recycling of plastic is carried out, polyethylene and polyamide, with its fairly simple molecular structure and low amount of additives, is considered to be a trouble-free thermoplastic. Chemical recycling, which is exclusive to plastics, is a process that breaks down the polymer molecules into petrochemical raw materials that can be used, among other things for making new plastics. Chemical recycling technology has a very important role to play in helping the plastic industry to achieve its objectives for optimising natural resources and maximising recovery.
Did you know, that recycling streams used for producing AVK Plastics’ PE pallets are grinded soda caps? And that certain types of AVK surface boxes are made from cutting waste from recycled airbags?

Environment online
To emphasise the importance of environmental care. AVK Plastics BV has launched a dedicated “Sustainability” page on its website where customers and other interested can find detailed information on the prior mentioned subjects - including product declarations, environmental declarations and annual reports.

The positive environmental impact of (AVK) Plastics
Each year, 6000 tons of waste materials are consumed by AVK Plastics, from which they make new and high quality products, extending the lifetime of “old” plastics with another 50 years.


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