Our Production

Taking responsibility as global market leaders

In our production, we benefit from modern facilities and from healthy and safe working environments. We care for the environment and for sustainable solutions, and have obtained several certifications which we are proud of, such as;

  • ISO 9001 - quality management
  • ISO / TS 29001 - quality management within the oil and gas industry
  • ISO 14001 - environmental management
  • ISO 45001 - occupational health and safety management

We are aware of the impact our products and production can have on the environment. Our products are part of many solutions and applications that have a positive impact on the environment, both in terms of operation and lifetime, but we also seek to ensure that the production of our products have the least possible impact on the environment. During the planning process and execution of projects, we have a strong focus on ensuring that our processes and our handling of environmentally harmful substances are secure in order to avoid a negative impact on the surrounding environment.

Every AVK employee is motivated to identify areas of improvement in the way we do business to the benefit of the environment. We do not only focus on activities and processes in our manufacturing companies, but also on the behavior and business model of our suppliers.


Recycled materials in AVK production

From development to production, we focus on innovation, quality and efficiency. For us, this means to consider the entire process and its impact on our society and environment.

Learn more about how we use recycled materials at our production sites.


Practical re-use of plastic bottle caps

In this video by AVK Nederland, experience how they turn plastic bottle caps into quality products.

Every year, a huge amount of recycled plastic find its way to our production sites, where it gains new life as pallets and surface boxes. Among many other types, the recycled plastic include soda caps collected by students from primary schools in the Netherlands. The young generation is our future, and it is important that they recognise and cherish our nature, and see the value in sustainability.


Efficient reuse of (AVK) plastics

Each year, 6000 tons of waste materials are consumed by AVK Plastics, from which they make new and high quality products, extending the lifetime of “old” plastics with another 50 years


AVK Sustainability Report

Sustainable development has always been part of our DNA.

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