Own Rubber Production

Strong combinations for safe solutions within various industries

AVK GUMMI A/S produce and deliver rubber sealing solutions for components such as valves, pumps and various fittings. Our quality rubber is developed to perform in demanding applications within drinking water, food, healthcare and technical industries, and has the necessary expertise and the right materials in order to secure human compliance, optimum resistance, function and visual appearance.

Our materials meet the strongest demands
No single type of rubber is universally suitable for all areas of use. On the basis of numerous tests and many years of experience we know which type of rubber is the most suitable for your application, and tailor the ideal combination in a fast, efficient and flexible way.

The primary types of rubber in our range are:

  • EPDM
  • NBR
  • HNBR
  • Fluoroelastomer (FKM)
  • Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)
  • Silicone (Q + LSR)

We benefit from high-tech production facilities and from one of the world's most advanced, fully automatic mixing plants. The raw materials are automatically weighed and dosed with the greatest precision, which makes it possible to manufacture rubber compounds of a uniquely high quality and uniformity - reducing the risk of human error considerably.

Each charge subsequently undergoes thorough inspection prior to release for production, which guarantees that the part supplied meets your specifications every time.

Data are continuously collected during the manufacturing process for each rubber charge, creating a basis for locating the precise reason or a potential problem and thereby eliminating consequences. Data collection includes all processes of decisive significance for the finished product.

Our quality management systems include 100 % control of each rubber compound, full traceability with the help of our charge number system, SPC control, FMEA and a zero defect production. In addition, our extraordinarily clean and safe production environment makes it possible to provide rubber components of a continuously high quality at the agreed time of delivery.

For healthcare and food industries
The main objective is to protect all consumer products from contamination and to ensure that all product surfaces can be mechanically cleaned, sterilised or easily dismantled for manual cleaning. That way, the standard ensures optimum conditions for the food and dairy products that may come into contact with the specific component.

We are certified by The Danish Ministry of Health and 3-A SSI as manufacturers of rubber compounds for food and dairy applications. The Third Party Verification includes specific compounds within the range of EPDM, FPM, NBR, HNBR and silicone. These sanitary standards and practices are worked out in co-operation with, amongst others, local and federal authorities as well as producers of equipment for the products.

No contamination of drinking water
AVK has developed an EPDM rubber compound which minimises the buildup of bio-film. This prevents the bio-film acting as a breeding ground for bacteria. We regularly perform laboratory testing of the rubber applied in our products to ensure that it is odour-free, colour-free and taste-free, even after many years of use.

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AVK rubber in the making

An introduction to the technology and processes behind the high, consistent quality of AVK rubber.