Chain transparency with Raw Material Passport

AVK Plastics BV displaying composition and origin of raw materials used in production as a way of contributing to a circular economy 31-05-2018

Recently, AVK Plastics BV have, in cooperation with AVK Nederland, Dutch utility company Liander and independent Dutch certification company KIWA, introduced a, so-called, Raw Material Passport for plastic products. As a reaction to the lack of chain transparency in the capital-intensive market, they see it as a way of initiating a much-needed Corporate Social Responsibility discussion. One that also involves the debate of seeking alternatives to the most unwanted materials in plastic products.

Transparent cooperation between supplier and costumer
At AVK Plastics, they consider active communication of environmental performances a fundamental part of their business strategy. Throughout the past decade, they have presented detailed documentation on subjects. Through a dedicated ‘Sustainability’ page on their website, they show product declarations, environmental certificates and annual environmental reports. A strategy that they are now further expanding with the introduction of the product-specific passport.

The Raw Material Passport (in Dutch: Grondstofpaspoort) gives insight to the raw material composition of the specific product, and states the origin of the materials used for its production. Thereby, it provides a way to enhance the chain transparency of the manufactured products of AVK Plastics. With this information given, the customer is able to make an informed, judicious decision, and to genuinely choose products manufactured from sustainable resources; thus, setting the base for a more circular economy.

See an example of a raw material passport for an AVK plastic product below.

Environmental awareness
The street cover from AVK Plastics addresses the circular economy perfectly, as for the most part it already consists of recycled material. With the Raw Material Passport, AVK Plastics wishes to create more environmental awareness and put more focus on the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Positive outlook
The Raw Material Passport was first introduced on a 2017 seminar in Scherpenzeel, The Netherlands, in the presence of 150 suppliers and other interested parties. As a first step, synthetic surface boxes for the Dutch market produced from recycled materials have been subject to inquiry. For now, the passport is still a pilot, but many positive reactions and signals to include the Raw Material Passport into tender specifications suggest that this is just the beginning.

Sustainability in production

Did you know, that the surface boxes produced at AVK Plastics are made from recycled bottle caps?


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AVK Plastics B.V.

Visit the AVK Plastics B.V. website for more information and for a view of their page dedicated to sustainability in processes.


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