Local girls visited AVK to hear about water, valves, sustainability and career

Our headquarters have been buzzing with energy the last two days, as 125 school girls stopped by for a day full of insights, learnings and good fun. 06-10-2022

It is the second time that AVK participates in the national campaign day Girls’ Day in Science, and again we decided to host the event over two days.

The main focus of the day was water’s role in liveability, health and sustainability, as well as how sustainable water management can contribute to our common UN goals, and the girls were given examples of how they are able to make an important difference in the world around them.

AVK girls with a geeky background

Therefore, naturally, the girls had to meet some of our skilled, female employees and get inspired from their daily work life and career background.

They had the pleasure of meeting Mille from our Tech Development department, who gave insights to her everyday work life with product design, project management and testing. Here, they got to see a product up close, feel the AVK rubber material, and learn about the design process.

They also met Line, who works in our E-learning department and makes sure that all our colleguaes around the world are updated with the latest product and Group knowledge.

After the presentations, the girls went for a scavenger hunt in our showroom full of AVK products. Before that, they had been given a short introduction to four of our key products, of which they should then identify the smallest and largest they were able to find. There were lots of great energy, and of course, a lot of good questions as well.

After lunch, the girls got to work with some practical challenges, where they should come up with a feasible, sustainable solution in the form of either:

  • A safe water supply solution, that takes flooding, dry periods and pollution into account
  • A model that describes how to avoid pollution of lakes and rivers through wastewater discharge
  • A circular system that takes advantage of water’s natural journey through society

There was a lot of great discussion and brainstorming going on, and many good solutions to real-life issues were presented in groups. As an example, a reversed vacuum cleaner was proposed, as to collect evaporated water for reuse, instead of sending it up in the air and wait for it to return in 100 years.

A big thank you to all the girls, teachers and colleagues for two great days!

What is Girls’ Day in Science?

The campaign is a yearly event which aims to inspire more young people to choose an education in the field of science and technology. It is established by The House of Natural Sciences (Danish: Naturvidenskabernes Hus) which is a private, non-profit organization that bridges the gap between schools and companies and support teachers in the development of inspiring and application-oriented teaching.


Water in the World - local and global challenges (PDF)

We need to help spread the word about the critical global water situation, and demand action.

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