New InterLink: March 2023 edition

Expect stories from the AVK World: Read about some of the latest projects, initiatives and business highlights from across the AVK Group 💧 15-03-2023

It is probably no surprise that AVK is deeply involved with water management and infrastructure, which is particularly clear when you browse through this edition of InterLink. Water has a tremendous impact on a lot of aspects and challenges that the world is facing right now, such as the production of energy and food, which you can read more about in especially two of the articles.

Luckily, there is an increasing focus on water’s importance among politicians and decision makers. Maybe because it is more and more noticeable how much we are fighting over the sparse freshwater that must supply to agriculture, food production, industry, and as drinking water to the world’s 8 billion people.

And the same amount will have to cover all the people added to our world population every year, along with all the brilliant, water-consuming ideas we will get.

Groundwater event in New York 

Representatives from Denmark held a presentation at a UN introductory meeting in Paris in December 2022, which was a warm-up meeting to this year's UN Water Conference - an event that has not been held for 50 years. The conference will be held in New York this month, March 22-24, and we will be participating alongside other Danish companies and partnerships.

Additionally, in cooperation with Danish Water Forum, AVK will be contributing to an event surrounding groundwater’s importance for sustainable water management at the conference, which this year is held on World Water Day. The World Bank was working on a similar idea, so the UN’s Secretariat has asked us if we could combine our separate event ideas into one – so, a joint event will be happening within the walls of the UN headquarters in New York.

We are both very eager to turn words into action and are looking forward to meeting up shortly.
Hopefully, you will be able to read a lot more about the event in the next edition.

With spring greetings from Denmark,

Enjoy reading.

Michael Ramlau-Hansen


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