Seminar with Danfoss and AVK

The AVK Group has an opinion towards energy and water efficiency which can inspire others in the industry. 20-05-2019

Danfoss also wishes to make an impact on the environment. Therefore, AVK and Danfoss held two seminars with focus on water supply and wastewater treatment; one in Roskilde and one in Skovby, Denmark. With these seminars, we show that AVK and Danfoss are joining forces towards a better environment and that our products are compatible. 

There is a great potential within water supply and wastewater treatment. Therefore, we had chosen to invite customers from both the water and wastewater industry. The participants started out hearing about the water challenges at a global level which was an eye opener for all participants. Moreover, Aarhus Vand told about their great work with optimizing their treatment plant and producing energy which was followed by breakout sessions where the participants were divided into small groups with room for more discussion and conversations. 

Both days went as planned, and we aim to repeat the success with similar events. 


  • 80% of the world´s wastewater is led, untreated, directly into the nature 
  • 1.8 billion people’s drinking source is contaminated with faeces
  • 140 litres of water is being used to produce 1 cup of coffee
  • 15,000 litres of water is used to produce 1 kg of beef 
  • 30-50% of an average municipality’s electricity consumption goes to water and wastewater management. 
  • If all of the world’s water suppliers had the same low leakage loss as in Denmark, the world could save 130TWh which is the same as Poland’s electricity consumption. 
  • It is possible to produce almost twice as much energy on a treatment plant than the plant itself consumes
  • Handling water and wastewater consumes 4% of the world’s total electricity which is equal to all of Russia’s total amount of electricity consumption.  

Sustainable development goals

Water challenges and global goals

Today, our global resources are under pressure due to increasing water scarcity and population growth.

According to the World Economic Forum, the predominant threat to human welfare and well-being was - and still is - the over-exploitation of water resources.

Will you also be leading the world in a more sustainable direction?

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