Sustainable prospects in Indonesia

Increasing water supply, reducing water use, improving wastewater treatment and preventing flooding; these tasks are highly prioritised by the national government at the moment, and therefore represent great opportunities for implementing new concepts based on latest technologies. 06-01-2020

Indonesia is - among other merits - known for its outstanding getaway destination: Bali. Every year, around two million people visit the island and its rich offerings of white beaches, snorkelling, scuba diving and relaxing atmosphere. Many might also have heard of Nusa Dua, which of the Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) is considered a front-runner when talking about sustainable resort infrastructure.

In the near future, ITDC has excessive plans for a "New Bali"; the neighbouring island Lombok, where a 12 km2 large area is to be converted into a pioneering resort for the more active, sporty vacationers. Simultaneously, the centre is meant to attract tourists that value green approaches, meaning that the entire infrastructure planning is based on sustainable thinking.

Destination: circular economy

As part of securing a sustainable infrastructure, local foods will be found on the menus, the transportation system will be free from fossil fuel, and daily waste will be collected, sorted and recycled to achieve optimum utilisation. This opens up for the possibilities of applying Danish water competencies; by focusing on the complete water flow through society and the advantages of SMART management, including the collection of wastewater and the use of excess sludge for energy production, the core mindset behind circular economy is established. Additionally, organic waste from both the resort and the surrounding society can be used for further production of green energy.

Here, it should be added that there are multiple other benefits of utilising the treated wastewater. This could be for irrigating green areas, or for re-creative water environments, where e.g. a controlled percolation of water can complete the water circle. The opposite is seen in the city of Jakarta, which at the moment is sinking with as much as 25 cm every year due to over-exploitation of groundwater reserves. Jakarta is already positioned at sea level, so from the current outlook it is only a matter of time before this turns into an insurmountable problem.
A Danish delegation has visited the island of Lombok and the resort area, which goes under the name Mandalika, and has offered ITDC a plan for obtaining efficient water cycle management in order to reach the point of energy neutrality. AVK hopes to become a significant part of this new project. See visualisation of the future resort below:

The AVK Group in Indonesia

In the Indonesian market, PT AVK Fusion Indonesia has had yet a great year, topped off with prizewinning efforts. At the biennial Indonesia Water and Wastewater Expo and Forum 2019, their innovative promotion concept won as the 3rd best stand on site. With high focus on sustainability, they gave a presentation about water loss and non-revenue water and how to obtain efficient management.

The event functions as the entrance for international water and wastewater industries to meet and achieve business transactions from members of the Indonesia Water Supply Companies Organisation and water users from various industrial sectors. The event was held on 18 – 20 September 2019, and was visited by more than 4,000 visitors and 67 exhibitors.
An exciting day for PT AVK Fusion Indonesia, and as stated by the AVK Regional (South East Asia) Managing Director, Gert Borrits; “We are excited to be here at this exhibition, and this is a great chance to meet all of our customers, both new and existing.” 

Learn more through PT AVK Fusion Indonesia’s website below, and take the chance to check out their new website as well, including exciting features such as an “AVK World” solutions visualiser and an easy product search function - and much more.

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