An experience out of the ordinary for the winner of the AVK World Water Award

The winner of the AVK World Water Award Mr. Ömer Özkan and his wife got an experience out of the ordinary on their trip to Denmark. 05-11-2018

Mr. Ömer Özkan is the Manager of the Project and Contracting Department at Mass Aritma Sistemleri A.Ş. in Istanbul, Turkey. Mass Aritma has on several occasions purchased Valves for water treatment solutions from AVK and on one of these occasions it was for securing the invaluable historic city of Mardin through the construction of two advanced wastewater treatment plants. On Monday 15th October Mr. Ömer Özkan and his wife arrived in Denmark to embark on their prize journey; a visit to the quaint Danish island of “Fanoe”, a Gourmet Oyster Dinner and a stay at an old inn at the countryside village of Laasby.

On the day of arrival Mr. and Mrs. Özkan were transported to the small island “Fanoe” where they got a taste of the beautiful historical village of “Soenderho”. The couple had visited Denmark before, but always Copenhagen, so this stay was a huge contrast to the city life of both Copenhagen and especially Istanbul. A contrast that turned out to be a fun and relaxing experience.

The couple spent the afternoon with a walk by the seaside of the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is home to large oyster banks which can be collected by hand at low tide and stretches over 500 kilometers from “Blaavandshuk” in Denmark to “Den Helder“ in the Netherlands. The area covers about 9,000 km2 and includes more than 30 islands of which “Fanoe” is one of the. In the evening after their walk, Mr. and Mrs. Özkan joined other guests to enjoy a delicious Danish Oyster Gourmet dinner with Oysters from the Wadden Sea. The other guests’ curiosity was sparked seeing visitors from so far away which created conversations with others staying at the hotel and made the evening memorable.

Next day, following their champagne brunch, the couple enjoyed “Fanoe” at their own leisure, where they visited local shops selling souvenirs, antiques and art.

For their second evening in Denmark the couple checked in at Laasby Kro a few kilometers away from the AVK headquarters in Galten. Laasby Kro is beautifully set in the countryside in “Laasby”, a small town not far from Aarhus, Randers and Silkeborg. Laasby Kro is an old inn offering an authentic setting with antiques.

At the Inn, the couple enjoyed a traditional Danish dinner, where after they went for a walk. Much to their surprise the whole village lay quiet with no one about. As they were later explained, in small villages in Denmark people are not outside in the evening time, especially not in the fall time. Instead the Danish typically invite people to their homes for dinner and stay inside in the warmth. After their even quieter experience in “Laasby”, the couple came to visit AVK in Galten on their last day before their flight back to Turkey.

It was true pleasure to meet the couple here at AVK and hear about their Danish “adventure”.

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