About AVK Smart Water

For decades, AVK has been supplying reliable products that function as vital bricks in the puzzle of containing a sustainable and long-lasting water distribution network.

While this will also be the case tomorrow, it is important to meet the increasing demand for digitalisation in the market, keep track of new technologies and embed these in AVK core products.

Water distribution networks are often considered black boxes; a great area filled with thousands of valves, fittings, and hydrants making it difficult for utilities to keep a complete overview at all times. Even though technology has been introduced in the form of smart consumer meters, there are few or no data collecting devices installed between consumer meters and water pumps.

That is where AVK Smart Water comes in. AVK Smart Water is a part of the AVK Group specifically focused on developing intelligent solutions for monitoring the distribution network. AVK Smart Water provides a combined hardware and software solution that will help collecting valuable data from important points in the network.

“We deliver smart solutions of AVK quality that empower every utility to save water, energy, and human resources in the operation of their hydraulic systems”

From reducing water loss, energy consumption and cost to maintaining and extending the lifetime of the distribution network, it is crucial to get data from key points in the distribution network e.g. at inlets, emergency supplies etc. AVK Smart Water’s aim is to help utilities use technology to collect that valuable data from the network and help increase the utility’s productivity, efficiency, and safety.

The AVK Smart Water solution consists of a variety of battery driven IoT sensors and a software platform. Read more about what the AVK Smart Water solution is here.

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Smart monitoring

Utility gets full overview of pressure in its network with NB-IoT sensors

“It was important to us that the solution we found could live up to our specific requirements,” says Mikkel Nielsen, COO at Halsnæs Forsyning. AVK delivered 16 NB-IoT pressure sensors with API integration into the utility's current IT system. 


VIDI Positioner for gate valves

AVK Smart Water introduces VIDI Positioner for gate valves.

Smart position indicators for gate valves can give water utilities valuable insights into the use of valves by remotely monitoring the status of open, close, or any percentages in between. Based on the provided information, water utilities can optimise the operation of the water distribution network, extend the lifetime of assets, and perform efficient non-revenue water reduction.

Beat the leaks

10 steps to reduce water loss and NRW in the water distribution system

Through a step-by-step guide, get inspired in how to efficiently reduce the water loss and non-revenue water of the distribution system.