Smart solutions and intelligent applications to water management

Growing populations, water scarcity and global warming are hot topics which we all must deal with in one way or the other.

AVK have been supplying reliable products for decades; products that function as vital bricks in the puzzle of sustainable and long-lasting water distribution networks. While this will also be the case tomorrow, we must meet the increasing demand for digitalisation in our markets, keep track of new technologies and embed these in our core products. This way, we can deliver smart products which, at the end of the day, will support the fight against environmental challenges at an even bigger scale than they currently do.

That is what AVK Smart Water aims to do with intelligent IoT-devices installed on e.g. valves, fire hydrants etc. AVK Smart Water provides a digital and intelligent solution that will enable water utilities to monitor their distribution network on an on-going basis. The aim is to pave the way for a more intelligent and data-driven future for the water industry by installing technology into AVK core products. AVK Smart Water’s intelligent VIDI solution will help water companies optimise their water system and taking the next step in obtaining a more sustainable supply.

The VIDI Solution is IoT-based technology that generates data directly from the network to a cloud. The data provides the utility with a more transparent view of the water system and will give utilities the opportunity to make informed decisions based on facts instead of assumptions. This knowledge will contribute to the optimisation and maintenance of the network, reduce operational costs and reduce water loss.

Learning through transparency in the water network

In most countries in the world, the companies responsible for delivering clean water to the consumers have systems to control and monitor their water networks. They also have customer meters installed in most households, so they can bill the consumers based on actual consumption. However, between the water works and the consumers, there are so few sensors installed that this area can be considered a black box.

Within this box, thousands of valves, fittings, combi-crosses, hydrants etc. are installed, functioning as points where data can be acquired. AVK Smart Water makes it possible to retrieve this data by providing intelligent devices that is easily installed in the distribution network. This means that the water utility can acquire data from their assets and turn their black box into a crystal-clear box where they get an overview of what is going on in the network. For sure, this comes with a cost, and it requires serious investments in an upgrade of the supply.

But it is not money down the drain. It is a good business case, as obtaining a crystal-clear box means knowing where water is lost due to leakages etc., enabling the water utility to efficiently lower their amount of non-revenue water. Furthermore, they will be able to save energy by optimizing the system, and only pump the needed capacity. These are just two of the many possible advantages by introducing the AVK Smart Water solution in the water distribution network. All in all, the focus should be on making  sure that intelligent products and solutions take active parts in lowering the amount of water loss, lowering power consumption, minimizing operational costs and secure water quality – each working as bricks in the puzzle of solving the environmental challenges on a global  scale.


What does the AVK Smart Water solution entail?

AVK Smart Water has developed a new concept with IoT devices installed on AVK valves and hydrants. Get a more detailed insight into the solution with this animation. The solution helps monitoring water infrastructure based on IoT-driven devices collecting and transmitting data directly from the distribution network. 


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