Slovakia: Hot tapping in a gas line

Natural gas installation project with the assistance of Aquagas s.r.o., the AVK dealer in Slovakia, and of AVK gate valves

In Slovakia, natural gas is used domestically both for heating and cooking, distributed in steel and PE lines, and with a lot of AVK valves and surface boxes already installed. Much of the Russian natural gas consumed in Europe is pumped via Ukraine and Slovakia through 63 bar transmission lines. 

By Kieran Cantrell, Market Development Manager, AVK International A/S

Gate valves with flanges and PE-ends are used, depending on the type of installation. Marian Drahovsky of Aquagas s.r.o., the AVK dealer in Slovakia, has recently entered into the market for tapping into gas pipelines of all dimensions and pipe types. In Krajné, a small village 100 kilometres north of Bratislava, a private customer wanted gas supplied to his house from a 0,9 bar DN100 steel line in the street. Hot tapping was required and Aquagas was called in.

After excavating the gas line in the side of the street, a steel plate was welded onto the line followed by a welded tee with a DN50 outlet.

An AVK 06/70 flanged gate valve was then attached directly onto the tee. After attaching a drilling machine with a 46 mm hole cutter, a hole was drilled through the valve and into the gas line, pressure checked (using both a manometer in the drilling tool and leak detection liquid) (photo 2).

Then the valve was closed, the tool was removed, the connection tested once more which was then pronounced safe and ready for connecting the DN50 PE pipe to the customer (photo 2). A quick and safe job done!

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