New opportunities for AVK products in the European gas network

As a result of the continuous changes of political legislations regarding climate changes in the EU, more countries are focusing on the gas industry in Europe. Over the years, the gas network has continuously expanded and recently, AVK Armaturen GmbH has seized this great opportunity for creating new business.

Climate development opens new doors

Gas plays a vital role in Europe´s environmental and economic plans for climate changes as gas is the cleanest and most reliable source of energy. Gas is not only an environmentally friendly energy source, it also has long-term available reserves, making a significant contribution to secure energy supplies for Europe. The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) has an overview of ongoing- and scheduled projects for the gas network extensions or refurbishments in European markets. The information is found in their report: “Ten-year network development plan 2013 – 2022”. The report contains valuable information for each European market about the major players, project phases, financing and project size.

Growing trend on the German market

The gas energy source is important for households as they rely on stabilized gas supply for heating. Back in the 90s, Germany was using nuclear energy, but due to politically imposed energy changes over the past years they now use alternative energy sources, including natural gas. Because of this, the demand is expected to increase over time.

Refurbishing gas line

AVK Armaturen GmbH has seized this opportunity as they worked together with German Stadtwerke Görlitz AG in refurbishing a DN 500 gas supply line in steel in Görlitz. The line was established back in 1942, and has since then been the main gas supply for the centre of the city. In order to ensure a reliable supply of natural gas for Görlitz in the future, the municipality decided to refurbish this important gas line. The renovation will take place in two stages and encounters series 46 gate valves DN 300 - 400 with steel spigot ends.

AVK´s future in the market

Thanks to the continued investment in highly-efficient, modern gas appliances that can deliver significant energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through Europe there is great potential for AVK to create new business in the European gas markets in the future.

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