AVK achieves ISO/TS 29001 standard

Safety-critical products benefit from the highest manufacturing standard possible 03-09-2018

AVK achieves gas distribution sector’s first ISO/TS 29001 standard for manufacture of the Donkin gas valve range.

AVK has become the first manufacturer in the gas distribution sector to achieve the international standard ISO/TS 29001:2011 for its entire design-to-delivery gas valve manufacturing process. Achieved by its Bryan Donkin Valves production facility, this is the highest safety-based standard a manufacturer can achieve in this sector.

AVK invested two years in securing the standard for the Donkin Valves brand, which has been supplied within the global gas sector for over 150 years. ISO/TS 29001 defines the quality management system for product and service supply organisations for petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas industries. Achieving ISO/TS 29001 has seen AVK conduct a business-wide exercise starting with the design process, procurement and flow analyses at the foundry production stage. It has also had to demonstrate how it has eliminated non-conforming products, installed specific preventative activities, imposed a new testing regime for safety factors, reduced variations, and waste. It also means that they continuously verify and validate the exercises it carried out to achieve the standard.

“ISO/TS 29001 sets the bar very high for the global gas distribution sector, meaning, we will be delivering the ultimate products and service,” says MD Fran Brody, and adds: “It’s especially important in safety-critical components. Achieving a whole new level of manufacturing and supply management endorses our culture of continuously improving our customer and production focused professionalism across our entire team”.

“We know that our customers and regulators see our attainment of ISO/TS 29001 as a key reason to work more closely with AVK, given the fact it eliminates variations in process and validates our entire product range. It is a clear endorsement of procuring, designing, manufacturing and supplying to the highest possible standards and we are proud to be the only valve manufacturer that holds this standard in this sector.”

Standard means continuous quality improvement across the entire business

ISO/TS 29001 requires manufacturers to develop a continuous improvement regime across its entire business, from suppliers through to product delivery.

As part of the global AVK Group, The Bryan Donkin manufacturing facility already held the ISO9001, ISO 14001, PED certificates and GIS Kitemarks for specific products. However, they wanted to achieve the highest standard recognised within the gas industry, as a means of driving quality up throughout its own business and across the sector.

Quality Engineer Jerry Payne oversaw the entire challenge of securing the standard. “Achieving ISO/TS 29001 demonstrates that AVK takes its commitment seriously to working responsibly and mitigating risk,” he says.

"It shows a commitment to managing operations safely and effectively within a hazardous industry. It assists with gas tender opportunities, as the standard will become a prerequisite for gas customers supply chains."

Learn more about the AVK Group's overall production and certifications here. For more information about AVK valves for gas, go to our gas supply area.

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