A (giant) tribute to a vital resource and a progressive industry

A 9 tonnes heavy jar was just raised outside our AVK offices in Skovby. A sight for all in the local community, and a strong statement of dedication to life-changing management of water. 13-08-2020

The 5,4m tall ceramic artwork is called Fons Vitae, meaning “the fountain of life”, and is intended as a tribute to life itself, to water and to the way water impacts and nourishes our lives every day.

The jar

It honors the creativity and innovation that has built the foundation for the solutions that we are able to present today, and the constant development and adaptation that improves efficiency, water safety and accessibility for people all over the planet. At the same time, it works as a tribute of the many years of product development and manufacture that has taken place at AVK premises – not just here in Galten, but all over the world.

The jar is created by Peter Brandes, a Danish painter, graphic artist, sculptor and photographer. His ceramic art, such as the jar, is inspired by ancient Greek art and mythology.

AVK’s CEO & Founder, Niels Aage Kjær has a deep passion for art, which is very apparent when walking around in our departments here in Skovby and Galten. Brandes has a special place in Kjær’s artistic heart, and was a natural choice when considering a comprehensive piece such as the jar.

Inventive collaboration

Something magical happens, when you put an artist and an engineer-type in the same room. When both have very strong opinions, clear ideas about the course and the desired end-result, waves sometimes go high - and lines must be drawn. At one point, Brandes simply had to claim his creative rights as an artist, and he demanded more space for him to focus on the process. In the end, they met eye to eye and are both very satisfied with the jar as it stands today, and with the way it comprises all the important symbols and meanings of water in our society.

Celebrating AVKs 80th anniversary

Next year, the AVK Group its devoted employees can celebrate 80 years of solid contribution to the water industry. By then, a similar jar will be raised at AVK offices in Galten, where the AVK journey began back in 1941. This jar will be created focusing on AVK’s history, and on the eventful development of the Group.

Later this year, a book about Fons Vitae will be published, describing the thoughts and the creative process behind the artwork.


The Story about the AVK Group

From a local machine shop with five employees to a global, diverse Group of companies offering solutions to various business segments;

A story about determination, commitment and full focus on customer needs.
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