Denmark and India announce green strategic partnership

On September 28, the prime ministers of Denmark and India, Mette Frederiksen and Narendra Modi, met for a virtual summit. A promising move for the export of Danish technologies and solutions. 01-10-2020

At the summit, Denmark and India entered a far-reaching green strategic partnership; an agreement that assures the solutions that India require, and at the same time places Denmark in a unique position in relation to delivering them. The partnership is a crucial milestone in the cooperation, especially within the green area.

The agreement paves the way for increased export and investments, where Danish solutions within i.e. wind power, water technology and energy efficiency are already in great demand in India.
The Danish economy is hard hit by the pandemic, even though Denmark is among the countries that appear to be doing best through the first phase of the crisis. One of the government's most important priorities is to restart and rebuild Danish exports, and as explained by Frederiksen;

"I see the agreement as a completely unique way to give Danish export companies new opportunities in a market where there is a large untapped potential."

India will soon become the world's most populous country. The Indian government wants to increase its renewable energy capacity by more than 300 gigawatts by 2030 - corresponding to more than 40 times the current Danish capacity for renewable energy. Additionally, India faces major challenges in areas such as drinking water and urban planning.

Working together to take bigger steps

The agreement supports our common work towards the UN's sustainable development goals, and helps Denmark reach their ambitions to reduce global CO2 emissions by 2030. Both countries ensure closer multilateral cooperation in priority areas such as green transition, trade and human rights – not just locally, but worldwide;

"It is absolutely crucial for the fight against climate change that a country as large as India chooses to join the work for the green transition. Here, Denmark can contribute with technology and green solutions. The strategic partnership will create more exports and jobs in Denmark and in Danish companies in India." – Mette Frederiksen

An important theme on the summit was Smart Cities, and the benefits of applying smart technology to the infrastructure. Intelligent water management is an important part of the solution to the numerous challenges that India are facing currently. Learn more about AVK Smart Water here.

On the drawing board..

Together with Danish Water Forum and the Indian counterpart, AVK and Grundfos have already agreed on collaboration regarding a 24/7 water supply project in the province of Gujarat, India. We are very excited to follow the progress.

Read the full 'Joint Statement For India-Denmark Green Strategic Partnership' on the Danish Ministry of the State’s website here.

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