Why do we need a more intelligent water management?

We know that populations are growing, and that it will put pressure on water networks in cities in the years to come.

High energy costs associated with water supply, the potential impact of climate change on water scarcity and increased consumption resulting from improving living standards are challenges that water companies face every day. Clearly, there is a need for a more sustainable way of delivering water resources. 

An intelligent water network is an important part of the solution to challenges utilities are facing today. In order to make a water supply intelligent, it is necessary to control the supply system like water pressure, water quality and pollution. The challenges are to streamline the operation, maintain and increase safety of the supply net and water quality, and at the same time protect the environment and water source. 

With the intelligent VIDI devices located across your water network sending and receiving data via Internet of Things (IoT), water utilities will be able to make informed decisions and respond to events in their distribution network based on real-time data. Real-time data can be used to identify the status of a water distribution system at a particular point in time. By archiving such data, analysis can be performed to identify various performance trends under different conditions. Use of real-time data can be further used to evaluate the performance of the system under different conditions and adjust accordingly.


AVK Smart Water Network Monitoring

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AVK Smart pressure management

Water is a scarce resource that we need to protect and use with great respect. At AVK, we want to secure water for the next generations.

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