Why do we need digital monitoring for water management?

We know that the overall goal for water utilities is to ensure safe and clean drinking water for their consumers. But to be able to do so, they have an even more important task, which is to always ensure full operation and functionality of the water distribution network.

It can be challenging to know exactly where to invest time and money as the distribution network is typically buried in the ground across a large area. That makes it essential to have digital monitoring of the network with sensors located at strategic points in the system,

Water management today

Nowadays, most utilities have installed smart consumer meters that can measure water consumption, which is very important for correct billing. In addition, it helps reduce Non-Revenue Water (NRW). But, between smart meters and waters pumps, there are very few or no data collecting sensors at all. A terrible waste, as the grid underneath our feet holds great potential with thousands of points where useful data can be retrieved from.

This underlines the need to monitor the distribution network using sensors. Digital monitoring is an important part of the solution to challenges that utilities are facing today. It enables utilities to base their actions on the best knowledge instead of guesswork and assumptions. By installing digital sensors at strategical points in the network, utilities can gain an understanding of where to direct efforts and leak fixing, and what parts of the water network do not work as efficiently as wanted.

Digital monitoring with AVK Smart Water’s VIDI sensors

With the intelligent AVK Smart Water VIDI sensors located across the water network, water utilities will be able to respond to events in their distribution network based on data. By archiving such data, analysis can be performed to identify various performance trends under different conditions. That way, utilities can improve operation and functionality of the water network and make informed decisions about where in the system they need to invest resources.


AVK Smart Water digital monitoring


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Water is a scarce resource that we need to protect and use with great respect. At AVK, we want to secure water for the next generations.