AVK will take part in the biennial IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2022

Under the headline "Water for smart, livable cities", the International Water Association will unite in Denmark for this year's water conference. As the headline suggests, focus will be on water's impact on development and well-being. 02-02-2022

Back in 2018, Copenhagen was announced the no. 1 place to visit if you are looking to combine vibrant capitol life with a cool swim; "The water in Copenhagen's harbour is so clean that you can go for a swim without any health-related consequences" (The New York Times, 2018). Behind this phrase lies a longer explanation; one that has made the world look towards the Danish model for sustainable water infrastructure.

From waste to valuable resource

To obtain a water infrastructure as the one in Copenhagen - and in the rest of Denmark - proper wastewater management is key. Our wastewater processes do not impact the fragile environments in our surrounding lakes and seas. The leftover sludge from the cleansing process can be used to produce energy, which has meant that some of our wastewater plants actually produce more energy than they use. And regarding water loss, decades of national restrictions has meant that we have an overall leakage rate as low as about 5 %.

The 2022 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, Bella Center Copenhagen

At the Danish pavilion, visitors will be able to experience water's journey throughout society. The exhibition is supported by Danish water companies, water supplies, engineers and technology providers. The LeakMan project will be used as site visit to demonstrate the district metered area technology (DMA), and works to show off how it is possible to drive a distribution network with almost no water loss.

From AVK, we also want to promote our latest innovations regarding smart water management and intelligent, demand-driven pressure management.

The event will run from September 11-15, 2022.


What if waste is no longer considered waste?

What if, is no longer a relevant question….

It is possible to turn wastewater into renewable energy.


Beat the leaks: A step-by-step guide to reduce water loss in the distribution system

Learn more about non-revenue water through this step-by-step guide, and get inspired by the many ways of managing a global resource problem.


Water in the World - local and global challenges (PDF)

We need to help spread the word about the critical global water situation, and demand action.


Why do we need intelligent water management?

Inside the distribution network there are multiple measuring points, but because the assets such as fittings and valves are buried deep in the ground, it is difficult to know exactly how these assets are positioned, where they are and whether they are intact or damaged.

The AVK Smart Water solution is a way for utility companies to monitor the condition and specific assets in the water distribution network.


Cost-effective, eco-friendly centralisation project at Danish wastewater plant

With help from AVK, Mariagerfjord wastewater plant has been able to expand its capacity, cut costs and significantly reduce their environmental impact.
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