World Water Day 2021: Valuing Water

Water is the very core of our business, and to our AVK colleagues all over the planet, water has a special place in their minds - personally and professionally. Get inspired by comments and photos from their daily lives. 22-03-2021

In honour of this year’s World Water Day, with the theme "Valuing Water", we have asked our colleagues from all over the world to share their thoughts about water and the impact it has on their lives every day. 

Get inspired through their comments below, and by the lovely photos from their daily lives surrounded by water in its many forms.

What does water mean to you?

"Water means "growth" in many ways. As a child, I asked my father what he worked with, and he told me that he spoke with the mayors of the surrounding towns to be able to buy water from their wells. Then, he sent water to the industries of the city. For this reason, water is what has made both me and my city grow.” – Marta, Spain
“If you look deep enough, you can see that water is an invisible ingredient in almost everything we, humans, make; the table I am writing at was once a tree, which has used water to become that tree. The chair I am sitting on is made of iron which was shaped and cooled with water. The same is true for my paper, pencil and almost everything else that has helped us evolve as humans.” – Ismail, Turkey
"To me, water has a constructive and a destructive side. As when the rain falls from the skies, it can feel like a blanket that is laid on the land bringing calmness for the soul and nourishment for the soil. But it can also feel like an anvil bringing great destruction if preparation were not made to absorb its impact." – Simon, Brazil
“Water ensures life! Worldwide. Water is not only a chemical compound of the elements oxygen and hydrogen. It is the basis of all life” – Martin, Austria
"Water means the world to me. I live by a lake and enjoy spending my spare time around the lake, swimming, ice bathing and skating in winter times, kayaking in summer times.” – Pernille, Denmark

"I'm a product specialist for the Northern Cape in South Africa, which is one of the driest provinces in the country. Daily, we experience drought and I see farmers battling with no water, which equals to no life and no growth. Then after just a little bit of water from above and Nature paints a canvas with beautiful field flowers.” – Wikus, South Africa

..and on a more work-oriented note:

"I'm living in Saudi Arabia which is considered one of the poorest countries in terms of water resources. So, as a part of AVK, I feel proud that I can provide solutions, advises and products that keep the water running to our homes with high quality and sustainability.” - Mohammed, Saudi Arabia

“I’m proud to be working in a business that provides a fundamental human right.” – Lee, UK

"This is one of the greatest responsibilities and challenges at the same time; Working with water means working with the source of life and the most important element of this earth.” – Frank, Germany

“It is a privilege to help bring water and life closer to the areas that need it the most. In my 20 years working with AVK, I can truly confess that we provide more than just products, we provide solutions, we provide life." - Wikus, South Africa

"Working at AVK has changed my view on water. When I visit a café (which feels like ages ago right now), order a still water and am served a carton with tap water in it, I feel proud of working at AVK. Why? Well, on the carton it says: Tap water is better; always drink water from the tap if you have the chance. Why? Because Danish tap water is some of the best and cleanest in the world. At AVK I get to support an infrastructure that actually makes a difference. Our solutions contribute to the fresh and clean tap water that others get to take for a given. What a privilege.” – Lykke, Denmark

"Every day, I am happy to advise customers solutions to clean water transmission, reduce water loss, and control water; supplying AVK products for wastewater treatment plants for a cleaner water source and an improved living environment.” – Mong Xuan Dung, Vietnam

"It is nice to know that we help utilities, water works etc. providing people with water. I hope and believe that we can make a difference in the global water crisis with our products.” – Ida, Denmark

Thank you all for contributing

When looking at all these quotes, it is clear that water is highly valued, but also that it has a different meaning to our colleagues depending on where in the world they live.

In Denmark, we tend to take water for granted as we have easy access to safe and clean supply. But this is not the case in many other places in the world where water resources are scarce and the access to it is difficult and limited. At AVK, we are proud that our colleagues have such a high level of knowledge and awareness about water, and we need to help spread the word to places and areas where water is not paid much attention. We need to put water much higher on the global agenda.

Fortunately, we are continuously working on optimising and developing products and solutions for better water management, and all our dedicated colleagues can keep contributing with their knowledge about water and help bring more attention to and awareness about our most important resource.

Happy World Water Day!


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