When treated properly, all types of wastewater can be reused

Wastewater is ‘used’ water affected by human activities such as domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural activities. Additionally, the term wastewater also counts rain and storm water, which in some cases cause flooding. AVK has the know-how and the experience needed to help define the right solutions, and the applications to wastewater include collection, outlet and treatment.

Our offer within wastewater comprises products such as gate valves and accessories, knife gate valves, ball and swing check valves, butterfly valves, air valves, penstocks and much more - all approved according to the local standards and approvals of the countries we operate in, including the main standards of DIN, BS, AWWA, AS and JIS

With the durability and quality of AVK valves the risks of unforeseen events and incidents are minimised. Our own produced quality rubber is developed with the property to filter impurities without affecting the water tightness at the barriers, keeping the valves drop tight. All products are designed to meet the harsh conditions when dealing with wastewater.

We benefit from modern production facilities and large distribution centres which enable us to deliver the requested products within a short period of time.

Visit your local AVK website below for a detailed product program, or learn more about the daily work of the AVK Group.

wastewater CaseS

AVK knife gate valves in newly renovated wastewater treatment plant

Newly renovated treatment plant in Egaa, Denmark, will reduce energy consumption and increase energy production based on ground-breaking technologies and by using the best possible energy optimising materials
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Historic city gets state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plants

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A Water Corporation project improving drinking water quality and supply efficiency

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Utilisation of water resources in Israel

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Non-revenue water management in Bulgaria

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Excellent quality fought harsh conditions

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Large-scale project for efficient water supply management reducing critical water losses

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Pipework efficiency through AVK air valves

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