Pipework efficiency through AVK air valves

AVK series 701/95 providing solution to pipeline network inefficiency

In line with the Expect...AVK promise, Graham Charnley, AVK UK Product Manager - Non-Revenue Water, was contacted to identify a solution to a private wastewater system in Yorkshire, England. The pump supplier, Harroquip Pump Systems, was experiencing a problem with the pipework not operating as efficiently as it should; the installed ball valve jamming shut and, as a result, the pumps to were unable to move the waste material to a holding tank some 200 meters away.

On examining the system and the existing air valve installations, it was apparent that the air valves were not operating properly; they were being blown shut and were unable to open again during negative pressure symptoms. The failure of these valves caused an over run of energy in the newly installed pumps and, when the air valves failed, the waste material was being discharged over the immediate surrounding area of the sump.

With a system discharge requirement of under 50 % the AVK Series 701/95 waste water air valves was the obvious solution combined with its low-pressure sealing of 0.05 bar.

Within 24 hours of the initial site meeting:

  • AVK UK Ltd supplied three Series 701/95, to replace the CSA valves,
  • Harroquip Pump Systems installed the valves
  • the system was up and running correctly again.

Whilst the air valves solved the initial problem, a follow up site visit and inspection of the overall set up, allowed AVK UK to offer advice on a number of issues relating to the pipework, positioning of the valves and the discharge that will provide an overall solution to the system.

With the AVK air valves installed, the system has been running in line with expectations, but additional improvements are still to be made to help deliver a more efficient, reliable system.

AVK UK Ltd, delivering the Expect...AVK promises.


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