30 luxury cruise ships from Italy get equipped with waste gas purification systems

During a joint project with Ecospray Technologies, InterApp was involved in the successful completion process by providing high-quality solutions and first-class logistics. At the same time, it helped to strengthen ecological values in the cruise ship industry.

Ecospray Technologies is specialised in developing innovative high-performance purification systems for regulating the production of waste gas in a variety of industries. The Italian company is committed to the climate requirements of our times. Through its innovations, it enables system operators to reduce both their emissions and their environmental impact.

Ecospray has made a real name for itself, especially in the cruise ship industry, by providing multi-stage waste gas control systems to purify air. They prevent nitrogen oxide, sulphur, carbon hydride, heavy metal, soot and ash from being released into the atmosphere. This is one benefit that has an extremely positive impact on mankind and the environment, especially in port and coastal areas.

For its latest project, which involved equipping 30 luxury cruise ships with waste gas purification systems. Ecospray was seeking a reliable technical partner capable of supplying the entire range of butterfly valves. It opted for InterApp, since its products met the project’s ambitious targets in terms of quality and material requirements. InterApp has been providing Ecospray with support since the development phase and supplied everything from one source.

The cooperative partnership between the two companies was further strengthened during the new project. Faced with the major challenge of supplying butterfly-, check- and ball valves of different types within a limited period of time. InterApp put together a project management team for the specific purpose, of fulfilling the Ecospray order. Additional capacities were also booked in the InterApp plant, which helped to ensure that the project could be successfully concluded on schedule.

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