Securing a flexible and reliable water source solution in Nanjing

To secure both regular and emergency supply of drinking water, an important water source project was initiated in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China - now equipped with AVK products.

Safe, clean water plays the irreplaceable role as our natural source of life. To make sure that the supply is sufficient and reliable, the Jiangsu Provincial Government required that all suitable areas should build two or more drinking water sources with relatively independent control of water intake.

In 2019, the Nanjing Municipal Government held a meeting to discuss the project of securing emergency supply. Besides the Nanjing Jiangbei water source, the Sancha Reservoir was officially identified as the second emergency water source of the Jiangbei Yangtze River Delta Integrated Green Development Demonstration Area.

The total investment of the Sancha Reservoir project is CNY3,422 billion, and it includes three parts: a water source construction and water quality maintenance project involving the Sancha Reservoir, the comprehensive water intake pumping station “Qiaolin” (850,000 m3/d), the Jiangpu booster pumping station (500,000 m3/d) as well as a 62.5 km long water pipeline.

Ready to face water shortage

The project is for both emergency and regular water supply. The water intake was moved from Jiangpu Water Source Plant to Qiaolin Waterworks, where a new comprehensive water intake pump house was built so that it can regularly deliver 600,000 m3/d to Qiaolin Waterworks, 800,000 m3/d to Jiangpu Waterworks and Puqiao Waterworks as well as 150,000 m3/d to Sancha Reservoir.

In case of an emergency, the Yangtze River will be closed to collect raw water and send it off to the comprehensive intake pump rooms at Qiaolin, Jiangpu and Pukou Waterworks for the supply of raw water to meet the emergency water demand of the Jiangbei area for three days.

Reliable valves for critical applications

In views of the huge scale of the project, the selection of large diameter butterfly valves was critical, as the products directly affect the daily operation of the pump station and the safety of the water plant production. Safety and reliability are the very top priorities of the project, meaning that the valves’ applicability, advanced technology as well as needed features should be carefully considered. 38 sets of AVK series 756 double eccentric butterfly valves (DN1000-DN2600) with manual or electric actuation were chosen for the project.

The large-diameter valves are especially favored by our customers due to its excellent sealing performance, the light operation, resistance against corrosion, compact installation area, flexible operation and the fact that it is in line with various international drinking water certifications. AVK has upbuilt a very advanced valve manufacturing base in China which provides an effective guarantee for the project plan to proceed as scheduled.

In addition, AVK participated in the emergency water source construction project of Nanjing’s main urban area, where we provided comprehensive valve solutions including gate valves, butterfly valves and air valves, ranging from DN200 to DN2600. At AVK China, we strive to be an active partner in shaping our country’s water agenda.

Together with our partners, we help refurbish existing valve solutions and develop new water networks in growing urban areas that benefit local citizens, eco-systems as well as operation efficiency.

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