AVK products in largest biogas plant in Southern Europe

AVK has delivered knife gate valves and multi hydrants for the largest biogas plant in Southern Europe, Selected Biogas Farsala SA, which has just completed the mechanical phase

Waste from animal farming is accused of contributing to global pollution. Therefore, efforts are made to minimise the negative environmental impact from the processing of waste and from its transformation into energy through power plants operating with biogas generators. In Greece, where animal farms are mostly small sized, it is estimated that around 17-20 million tonnes of waste are created every year. According to experts, this corresponds to a potential energy production of 350 MWh.

The largest power plant using biogas as fuel in Southern Europe is currently under construction in an area of 70 acres in Thessaly, Greece. The plant, which is a member of Epilektos Textile Industry, entered the commissioning phase in January 2018.

The plant will contribute to the improvement of the environmental conditions in the entire region by utilising 300,000 tonnes of livestock and agricultural waste from 100 nearby farms and processing units. The plant has a capacity of 5.252 MWe.

Innovative technology

What makes the plant stand out is the capability to utilise waste from three different sources: animals, crops and food leftovers. Additionally, the plant will assist in resolving waste management issues, especially those of livestock farms (pig, poultry, etc.) which are today facing fines and other penalties due to the uncontrolled waste disposal in rivers and other nearby areas. The investment amounts to 17.5 million EUR in total, and has a payback period of eight years. For the process, 50 new jobs will be created.

AVK has been involved in the project from the early engineering phase, cooperating with General Commercial and Industrial, AVK's distributor in Greece. Through close working relationships with the client’s project team, AVK has become a valuable and trusted partner.

For the project, AVK has supplied 230 manually and electrically operated knife gate valves, 33 hydrants series 84/93 and a number of ball valves and penstocks which all contribute to a smooth, accurate and safe operation of the biogas plant.

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