Utilisation of water resources in Israel

AVK products installed in water utilisation project in the Negev desert, saving resources and expanding local farming possibilities

In Israel, the water resources are limited and several of the farmers around the Negev desert have been forced to let their fields dry out due to a lack of water resources. This has affected the local standard of living and Israel has been forced to think in alternative solutions. One solution has been water-saving technologies, where wastewater is utilised for irrigation of crops.

AVK participated in the project in the Negev desert, where the Aryeh Pools were established. It was a project characterised by a "no compromise" approach to quality, and AVK delivered gate valves and butterfly valves.

Harvesting the advantages of reuse
The Aryeh Pools is a water system consisting of three pools that clean and recycle wastewater from the main town in Negev, Beersheva. When the water has been cleaned, it is very close to having the qualities of drinking water and can thus be used for irrigation of various crops. The farmers are now able to take advantage of the barren areas again and to expand their farms. Where they previously were only allowed to grow animal feed and cotton due to the water quality, the farmers can now also grow crops such as potatoes, carrots, lemons, almonds etc.

The whole project around The Aryeh Pools has led to a possible reuse of several million cubic metres of water and a diminution of water wastage around 10 million cubic metres a year. Another important factor for the local farmers’ survival and economy is that the cost of purified water is about half of the cost of fresh water.

AVK continue its effort in Israel and is involved in another project in the area, which will contribute to even better use of wastewater and ensure the treated water to reach even more people.

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