Athens water utility rely on AVK valves

Athens water utility (EYDAP) is renovating the largest water treatment plant in Athens and count on AVK valves to ensure reliable supply

With a daily capacity of 800.000 m3, the water treatment plant in Acharnai is crucial for the reliable supply of drinking water to the citizens of Attica. The plant was constructed in 1972, and was first renovated in 1992.

As the city and population is continuously developed, a new upgrade was mandatory as well as the implementation of a sludge treatment plant for the process of sludge and the backwash stream.

A long stainless steel pipe collects sludge from the 16 rectangular settling tanks, and each outlet duct is having a pneumatic operated DN500 butterfly valve opening and closing when necessary, to transport the sludge to the new plant. Additionally, there is an isolating double eccentric butterfly valve (DN800) at the collection pipe inlet.

Manually operated centric butterfly valves and double eccentric butterfly valves were also used during the renovation of the pump station’s main and by-pass lines.

Knife gate valves with non-rising stem and ball check valves were used in the circuits of the sludge processing and dewatering, which are particularly popular products in Greece.

Products supplied to the project:

  • 20 x centric butterfly valves, series 820 (DN500)
  • 4 x double eccentric butterfly valves, series 756 (DN800)
  • 8 x dismantling joints, series 873 (DN500 and DN800)
  • 27 x knife gate valves, series 702 (DN80-250)
  • 6 x ball check valves, series 53 (DN100-250)

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