Smart pollution prevention with ARISENSE air valves

In the wake of increasing public frustration over sewage discharges into rivers, Water UK has announced a massive transformation programme amounting to more than EUR 11 billion.

Digitalisation of UK’s sewer system

According to the UK water industry's membership body, the overflows plan will be the largest modernisation of sewers since the Victorian era and the most ambitious programme on sewage spills ever seen to date.

The plan aims to cut overflow incidents by 140,000 a year by the end of the decade through a wide range of strategies, with the digitalisation of the UK’s 350,000-mile sewer system a vital pathway to achieving this goal.

Monitoring with our smart air valves

As an industry-leading provider of intelligent network solutions for the wastewater industry, AVK UK is ideally placed to support companies to meet the targets set out in the National Overflows Plan. AVK UK has the technology and expertise to address one of the plan’s primary components: real-time monitoring of all 15,000 sewage overflows in England. Smart air valves and digital monitoring systems, including VIDI Level, can provide the data required for the new National Environment Data Hub, as well as alert companies to overflow spills so they can be treated as quickly as possible, therefore reducing the impact on rivers.

AVK UK has a full package of smart solutions to help control and warn against pollution incidents. The smart wastewater air valve can detect failure and leakage before they occur as well as provide general system health information back to the clients.

The ARISENSE smart air valve solution can provide feedback on parameters including overflow, leakage, blockage, pressure, tampering, tilt/shock, low battery, and with the addition of an external sensor, chamber flooding. With the communication protocols of NB-IoT and LoRa, existing or new networks can be used to ensure 100% coverage for sites - no matter where they are.


Monitoring valves position in Dutch water supply network

VIDI Positioners have been installed on valves in the supply network of the Dutch drinking water company PWN. The Positioners collect information about the valves’ open/close position, thus increasing the reliability of data measurements from the distribution network.