Chambered air valve success

Since AVK UK launched the concept of a wastewater air valve on the UK market, it has been successfully adopted and projects using this product increasingly continue to grow.

Following discussions with designers, operations and contractors it soon became apparent that cost savings, initially identified as the main driver, are only part of the success story as outlined below:

  • Reduced design requirements as the chamber only requires one top ring at installation.
  • Improved health and safety because the valve can be removed at ground level eliminating confined space entry.
  • Reduced installation time and exposed excavations on site as the unit comes with a standard NP16 flange connection which can be bolted on and the excavation back-filled in one day.
  • The simplicity increases installation speed benefiting the overall site program.
  • The ease of valve removal simplifies future maintenance and reduces costs. With the simple quarter turn release of the air valve and ease of access to the internals, maintenance is completed efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Savings have been identified anywhere from £400 to £900+ depending on the site and traditional chamber design.
  • With a solution such as this, the Series 701/79 package comes with established performance and quality and delivers options suitable for the hydraulic conditions of individual mains with air valve performance varying from minimum sealing pressures of 0.05 bar up to discharge of over 2,300 cubic meters per hour at 16 bar.

Currently the chambered air valve system is being used or trialled in Anglian Water, Severn Trent Water, Yorkshire Water, Scottish Water, United Utilities and Welsh Water. Most recently MMB, design and build partnership in YWS and NMC in STW, have benefited from the use of these chambered units.

In 2015 AVK UK’s Series 701/79 Chambered System was the only ‘product’ to make the national finals of UK Water Dragons.

The Series 701/79 Chambered System waste water system forms part of our core products and stock is held at our NDC in Corby. Working with our partners, ARI Valves, innovation and value engineering solutions are at the core of our philosophy. In 2016 AVK introduced seven new air valve products to UK market, including a complete range of reinforced nylon (RN) waste water air valves.

2016 saw an increase in the use of the ARICAD solution that creates reports to identify the type, size, performance and location of the air valves providing additional support and value engineering to projects. These reports have proved beneficial to a number of designers and projects across the country. Another new RN waste water air valve was launched, offering a 2” nominal bore with discharge rates of over 1,000 cubic metres per hour. This valve was added to the chambered range, completing a full, lightweight range of products.

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