Largest gate valve supplied by AVK: DN2200 and 7m tall

The largest AVK gate valve has just been installed in a wastewater transportation project in Jiaxing City, China, to meet the needs of an increasing wastewater production.

Pollution from wastewater continues to be a major issue all over the planet. The lack of suitable water used for drinking, agriculture, farming, etc. is decreasing and proper methods of treating and recycling water is the key to sustaining our already limited water resource supply.

Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China, experience an increase in the amount of daily wastewater production, and the existing treatment plant has long been operating under overload. This leaves the issue with wastewater transportation increasingly critical as days go by. Therefore, a sewage treatment expansion and discharge project was initiated, including a 63.5km DN1400-2200 pipeline with an ultimate sewage transport capacity of 400,000 m³/d. Three midway lifting pump stations will be constructed as well.

Together with AVK Shanghai, AVK Anhui provided eight DN1800 metal seated gate valves as well as one huge DN2200 electric operated gate valve for this project. The giant weighs 27 tons and is more than 7m tall in total. It is installed at the outlet of the pump station pipeline which is connected to the wastewater treatment plant. Its full bore design offers lower head loss and pump consumption. A by-pass valve, drain valve, jacking screw as well as shoes-&-channel options ensure smooth operation of the valve.

All in all a robust, reliable solution, which with its enormous size almost looks like a beautiful work of art.

The valve is the largest gate valve produced by AVK Anhui to date (mid 2021). With great support from AVK Tech and our global capabilities, AVK Anhui was able to deliver the valve from scratch: From drawings to raw castings, from machining to shot blasting, from coating to assembly, from testing to packing, and from delivery to final installation and commissioning. Each step demonstrating the quality in our processes.

As one of the largest manufacturing sites within the AVK Group, AVK Anhui continues to improve and enhance their supply chain to all local sales companies all over the planet – especially within large, specialised valves.

Expanding production capacity

Over the last decade, quite a few records have been set regarding size:

  • DN1800 metal seated gate valve (series 54 , 2011)
  • DN2800 double eccentric butterfly valve (series 756, 2013)
  • DN1000 swing check valve (series 641, 2015)
  • DN900 free discharge valve (series 857, 2015)
  • DN1000 resilient seated gate valve (series 06, 2017)
  • DN1200 recoil check valve (series 641, 2018)
  • DN800/600 submerged discharge valve (series 856, 2020)
  • DN1600 hydraulic operated butterfly valve (series 756, 2021)
  • DN3000 double eccentric butterfly valve (series 756, 2021)
  • DN1800 plunger valve (series 872, 2021)
  • DN2200 metal seated gate valve (series 54, 2021)

And more will follow soon, as the he extension of AVK Anhui's factory for large valves will be ready by 2022, allowing them to double the production capacity.


What if waste is no longer considered waste?

What if, is no longer a relevant question….

It is possible to turn wastewater into renewable energy.


Wastewater as a resource

If all of today's existing wastewater treatment plants were turned into energy producing plants, the global energy saving would be 8%, and the local municipality could save approx. 40% on the energy bill.

Want to learn more about the potential in wastewater, and how we can assist?


Ensuring safe and reliable water supply for millions of people

AVK China are involved in two major water supply projects and has supplied various DN2400 and DN3000 butterfly valves.