DN1200 resilient seated gate valve supplied to high-end wastewater plant

To withstand the complex and harsh working conditions, AVK Valves Shanghai has become the preferred supplier of valve solutions for the Haiyan wastewater treatment plant.

In recent years, the Haiyan wastewater treatment plant has implemented a series of anti-pollution measures for the long-term development to ensure a proper environmental foundation. One of these measures included a local government project to reduce the load of water pollutants within the service sector, so the water quality of inland water will be significantly improved.

Expanding the plant's capacity

The project’s first phase covered the expansion and renovation of the plant as well as the construction of a reclaimed water system and an associated water distribution pipeline. The expansion entails that the plant’s capacity will go from the current 100,000 m3/day to 120,000 m3/day, and the complete service area will be about 500 km2. The total investment of the project is around CNY200 million.

The reclaimed water system is an addition to the current sea drainage pumping facility for conveying reclaimed water to Shanying Paper, a local pulp and paper factory, as production water. The capacity of reclaimed water is 25,000 m3/d. The system also includes a new DN1000 pipeline with the length of about 4.2 km.

The project’s second phase covered the implementation of a new combination of treatment processes (AAO, MDR and advanced combination). For the plant’s valve solution, there were two core challenges. Firstly, on the connecting pipeline between each biological treatment process segments, DN1200 direct-buried gate valves were needed, meaning valves that are installed on the pipeline and then covered with soil without a protective chamber or similar. Considering the large dimensions and the direct-buried working conditions, it already made it challenging to find a suitable valve. Secondly, when advanced oxidation technology is used in the treatment combination, the valves must be able to withstand the long-term effects of ozone corrosion.

Selecting the right valve

The majority of AVK products are, as standard, with internal and external epoxy coating in compliance with DIN 3476 part 1, EN 14901, and GSK guidelines. The excellent anti-corrosion performance and long service life fully meet the requirements of direct-buried gate valves. To meet the requirements of anti-ozone corrosion in the advanced treatment process section, AVK carried out special anti-ozone coating for the double eccentric butterfly valve to ensure lasting and stable operation.

For the purpose, it was decided to use a series 06 resilient seated gate valve DN1200 – the largest of its kind ever produced by AVK China, only beaten by our metal seated versions (see case at the bottom of the page).

In such working conditions, AVK has become the preferred valve supplier for the Haiyan plant relying on our advanced manufacturing capabilities, high quality and professional application and support.

State-of-the-art manufacturing setup

Based in Anhui, our modern manufacturing sites are set to supply customers around the world with reliable, smart and resource-efficient solutions complying with the highest European quality standards. Our strategic setup helps us deliver a broad variety of solutions at competitive prices.

AVK China has more than 20 years of experience working domestically across +500 projects within a variety of water and wastewater projects, where we support our customers across all aspects of the value chain. From project scoping to system planning and regular maintenance, we help refurbish existing solutions and develop new water infrastructure in growing urban areas that benefit local citizens as well as our eco-system.

Product supplied to the project:

4 resilient seated gate valves, series 06, DN1200

12 double eccentric butterfly valves, series 756, DN1000-DN1400

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