Central Highlands Water invests in AVK/Glenfield cone valve

Central Highlands Water is a regional water corporation providing high quality drinking water, sewerage, trade waste and recycled water services to customers in Ballarat and surrounding towns

Formerly known as the Central Highlands region water authority, it is one of the 19 state-owned water businesses and operates under the guidance of the Victorian Water Act.

The initial inquiry for the White Swan Reservoir project commenced mid-year of 2015. When consultants from MWH Australia, through the support from Louise Loughnan, Lead Engineer at MWH Global, first inquired about a DN600 discharge valve.The valve is suitable for a new scour pipeline operating at 3.50 cubic metre and velocity of 7.91m/s.

The contract for supply of the valve was received in December 2015. The valve was manufactured by AVK Anhui and supplied by Glenfield Valves, who also supplied the technical data including the plume. It was decided to construct a concrete chamber to control the outflow. 


The Glenfield Series 857 cone valve is manufactured from a ductile iron body with 316 SS sleeve, operated via twin screws, and driven by an electric actuator. Unlike fabricated alternatives, the ductile iron body incorporates an uneven number of ribs that are specially shaped to aid flow, to reduce head loss, assure harmonic balance, and secure vibration free operation over full valve travel.

In July 2016, the valve was delivered to CHW Project Manager Rohan Allen. Due to weather conditions, the valve was unavailable for site testing until early 2017. At first operation, the result showed water exiting the valve chamber, and the valve opened at 10 % with, unusually, brown water particles being scoured from the new installation. 

All parties attended this successful operational test, including experts from AVK Valves, David Crawford, Business Development Manager VIC & TAS and Geoff Trowbridge, Business Development Manager Dams, Reservoirs & Hydropower.

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