Supporting Hefei City's critical Water Diversion Project

In recent years, Hefei City has placed higher demands on the security of its "lifeline" water supply. Hefei City is situated in the Anhui province, has a population of nearly ten million people, and is one of China’s fastest growing cities with a regional GDP exceeding 1.2 trillion yuan.

With strong support from the Anhui Provincial Water Resources Department and various other sectors of society, the Longhekou Diversion Project was initiated. Construction was commenced in October 2021 and the project is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2023.

The Longhekou Diversion Project is a significant livelihood project aimed at creating an efficient and high-quality water supply pattern for the residents of Hefei City. Also, it is a strategic initiative with a total investment of over 1.5 billion yuan. The designed water transfer capacity is 600,000 m3/d with 450,000 m3/d allocated to Hefei City and 150,000 m3/d to Shucheng County.

The water transfer route starts at Longhekou Reservoir in Shucheng County, Lu'an City, with a diversion point set 18.5 km away. The water is then transferred to Modun Reservoir in Feixi County, Hefei, for intermediate storage and transfer. After pressurisation at the Modun Pumping Station and connection to the supporting raw water pipeline, it is introduced into two of Hefei's water plants. Ultimately, it can supply 120 million m3 of clean water to Hefei City every year, benefiting areas such as Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hefei’s High-tech Zone, and Feixi County.

The water pipeline from Longhekou Reservoir to Modun Reservoir has a total length of 52.6 km and ultilises a combination of gravity flow and pressurized flow in a single pipe. The upper section of the pipeline, above the booster pump station, utilises gravity-assisted pressurised water flow and spans 34.7 km. The lower section, where water is pressurized by the source water booster pump station, covers a length of 17.91 kilometers. The entire pipeline has a diameter of DN2400.

Meeting project requirements

The project required the installation of large-diameter flow control valves at the outlet of the gravity pipeline. The valves must possess linear flow control, pressure regulation, and energy dissipation functions at the outlet, while ensuring long-term stable operation under demanding operating conditions. AVK in Shanghai provided a series 872 plunger valve with a large diameter of DN2200 for this project, which is the largest size plunger valve produced by AVK to date. AVK plunger valves are cast as a single integrated unit, featuring streamlined valve body design and axially symmetrical flow channels.

Through precise calculations using simulation software, they effectively prevent turbulence, ensuring that no cavitation or valve body damage occurs during operation. They also prevent vibrations and resonance, guaranteeing long-term stable operation across the entire design flow range. Additionally, these valves exhibit an outstanding linear relationship between valve opening and flow. Data from pipeline flow meters, pressure transmitters, and inlet tank level sensors received by the computer control system allow for precise adjustment of the valve.

Over the past three years, AVK has provided a range of high-quality valve solutions for the largest individual water intake pump station in Anhui Province, the "Modun Reservoir Water Intake Pump Station" and its associated pipeline projects. Among the delivered products are gate valves, double eccentric butterfly valves, hydraulic operated check butterfly valves, and plunger valves.

At AVK, we strive to be an active partner in shaping our country’s water agenda. Together with our partners, we help refurbish existing valves solutions and develop new water networks in growing urban areas that benefit local citizens as well as eco-systems.


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