Protecting water sources from saltwater intrusion

To safeguard the local water supply, a water intake project has been initiated in Hangzhou, China. AVK China contributes with products for the large-scale project.

At the Qiantang River, the mother river of Hangzhou city, hundreds of thousands of tourists gather every year to experience a world-famous spectacle: the "Qiantang Tide". While the phenomenon may look like a tsunami, it is in fact a tidal bore; a wave that flows upstream as high tide approaches. More than 80 rivers around the world have tidal bores, but the one at Qiantang is the largest with waves as high as 4m (10m at some locations), 3km wide, a racing speed of 24km/h and a rumble that can be heard more than an hour before it arrives.

Fascinating, but complicated

More than 80% of the water supplied to the Hangzhou urban area comes from the Qiantang River, and for people living in Hangzhou, this phenomenon is more than just an exciting event. During the tidal flood season, the upward salt tide from the estuary is threatening drinking water sources for the millions of people living in Hangzhou.

Therefore, to coordinate the development of water sources and urban construction, and to reduce the threat of saltwater intrusion, Hangzhou has established a water intake upward movement project to optimise the layout of the water intake.

The water intake in Hangzhou was moved to the Shimen Shajiang section of the Fuchun River, and water intake pump stations were built at the Jiuxi water plant. A pipeline project was initiated at the Shansha reservoir, and the existing facilities of the water plant and the reservoir were renovated.

The construction of the water intake head, pump station and water pipelines are designed and constructed on the basis of the prospective scale of 3 million tons/day to accommodate for an increasing water need. The initial intake pump station was constructed to handle 1.7 million tons/day.

The project is planned to be implemented in two phases. In the first phase, the construction includes the water intake pump station to the Jiuxi water plant, a water transmission pipeline from the Shanhusha reservoir (parallel double pipes, single length about 6.6 km), multi-source water distribution wells in Jiuxi water plant, and relevant equipment renovation. AVK China has provided a complete valve solution for the first phase, with exceptional durability and flexible configuration options to meet the project’s strict requirements.

Products delivered to the project (so far):

  • 22 x double eccentric butterfly valves (DN1600-3200)
  • 40 x resilient seated gate valves (DN300-800)
  • 22 x air valves (DN300)
  • 5 x hydraulically operated check valves (DN1000-1200)

The large-diameter double eccentric butterfly valves (maximum diameter DN3200) are designed with AVK rubber sealing technology, combined with tilted and fixated disc which ensures long-term and stable operation of the water pipeline. Our hydraulically operated check valves are of a modular design concept, which effectively saves installation space and eases maintenance.

In addition, the AVK Group’s largest overseas production base is in Anhui, covering an area of 330,000 m2, including three production workshops such as large valve factory, fitting factory and a machining factory. Meanwhile, the AVK Asia Tech Centre, our AVK Advanced Casting Factory, AVK Syntech, AVK Sealing Technology Company and other companies surrounding AVK Anhui form a strong industrial chain to deliver affordable high-quality products to customers on time.

With global expertise and a localised strategy, AVK China is committed to becoming a trusted partner for all local customers. The Group membership ensures the customer’s expectations for quality, innovation, reliability, sustainability and customer service.

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Health and Safety in AVK solutions

We are dedicated to offering our customers the highest safety possible. Our products are part of complex systems handling vital processes every day, such as distribution of tap water and products for food industries, healthcare etc.

Learn more about our production here, including our cleaning and coating processes as well as our own AVK rubber compounds.


Water in the World - local and global challenges (PDF)

We need to help spread the word about the critical global water situation, and demand action.


Ensuring safe and reliable water supply for millions of people

AVK China are involved in two major water supply projects and has supplied various DN2400 and DN3000 butterfly valves.